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Top Fears of Moving Houses Revealed!

So, you are moving houses? Whatever the reason behind this decision, it is very likely you felt this common emotion that comes with it: STRESS! As a matter of fact, it is surprising to know there are individuals (or families) that have relocated more than once still stressing out in the event they need to do it again. And because stress is NEVER good – there are people who even FEAR moving houses altogether. Moving houses suddenly becomes something uneventful no matter if the reason for doing so is for “the better” as they say.

While it may be comforting to know you are not alone in this, fearing to move houses is not a good thing. Owning the property you lived in is no guarantee you will not experience moving houses either. In fact, there are a lot of people who used to live in a property they own but vacated to move elsewhere, too. This only means there is absolutely no guarantee moving houses will never happen to you!

So if you are in the process of moving houses or thinking of doing so sometime in the future – listed here are the common reasons people fear moving houses. Read through the article and maybe spot one (or two!) items you experienced personally. And alongside each item, consider doing the tips mentioned to avoid (or reduce) the stress brought by the seemingly overwhelming task of moving. By doing so, it will hopefully, lead you to become a lot more positive and look forward to the move!

Finding a new place to relocate to

People decide to move houses due to different things. Some have the convenience of moving because of a new property they bought – and so, will never worry about this. However, for those who decided to move due to “unforeseen circumstances” are not as lucky. Reasons such as the increased monthly rent or the need to relocate to another State (or country) to start “fresh” makes this fear very much applicable to them.

Nothing beats the anxiety not knowing where you’d go next. Especially after giving the notice to your landlord that you are moving out, time starts ticking for you to be able to find a new place to stay! Especially if you are moving with your family, you need to consider a number of factors, too. Things such as your kid’s school or care arrangement facility are just some of the “additional worries” you have to check when searching for your new home.

While it seems like a daunting task, there are a number of things you can do to make it less difficult. You should never wait on the last minute to look for an apartment to move to. Rather, start searching for your new place even before you give the notice to your landlord. This will prevent you from feeling anxious or in a rush to find a new place to stay. You will also have a lot more time to do apartment viewing visits (if possible) and carefully think whether the new place REALLY suits your needs.

Identifying the items to let go

One of the first things that come to mind when asked about moving houses would definitely be “am I supposed to bring ALL these?” And the quick (and practical) answer to that is, NO. So even if you are tempted to bring everything with you as you move, you will soon realize there are some items scattered and tucked around your homes that would do you better if you left them behind. Especially after learning the cost you have to pay the movers, it is very likely you will change your mind and reduce your belongings to bring your new home.

It is not easy to let go of your belongings, especially if you like keeping items for its sentimental value. However, if you are trying to cut the cost moving houses can bring, to let go of some of the things you own may help you do so. Apart from reducing the number of boxes (or the total weight) of the items you are bringing to your new home, did you know you can make money out of it, too?

One of the ways you can easily let go of your “unwanted” items is through a garage sale or by posting a free advertisement to sell secondhand items. Just make sure the items you intend to sell are still in a usable condition, though. Items such as furniture, clothes you don’t wear anymore (but hope to wear after losing weight), or the kid’s old toys are just some of the items you may want to consider to sell instead of taking with you!

If you were unlucky to get rid of your belongings by selling them, another option is by donating to a charitable institution. Or, give it away for free! You might be surprised there are some willing to take in even the bulkiest (or most useless item) you have in your household so long as it’s free. As the saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”!

Packing ALL that stuff!

After you are done getting rid of your “unwanted” stuff, it is not unusual to find yourself with STILL a lot of things left to pack. And not unless you are Monica Geller, most would be honest to admit that trying to fit everything causes them a lot of stress. Some would even confess that just by merely LOOKING at all the items that need to be placed carefully inside boxes and/or luggage is enough for them to grab an alcoholic drink to feel good.

Despite the number of “How To Pack Your Belongings” articles published online these days, the best way not to feel stressed about packing is to make sure you start EARLY. Some commit the mistake of packing at the last minute as they ALWAYS think they still need it to use around the house (or that packing IS easy). And that ends up as the common culprit why packing becomes so much to bear and often, the major reason to fear moving houses!

To start, you may start packing the items you think you will least likely use until you move out. From experience, the best way to get started is by selecting the items you still NEED to use until you move out. This means, get the toiletries, clothing, and food supplies you need for the remaining weeks (or days) until you move out. After you identified the items MOST IMPORTANT to you, you may assume that the rest of the items sitting inside your household are GOOD TO GO!

As you pack your belongings, it may help you to put the items that belong together inside the same box. This means, make sure that all kitchen-related items are inside one box and the bathroom articles inside another. Do not mix and match so that you will have an easier and smoother process unpacking them once you have moved in your new home, too!

Expensive cost of moving – especially if moving to a different state or country!

The cost of moving your entire household (what’s left of it after getting rid of some) can still end up expensive. Especially if you intend to hire a professional removalist to help you with it (which is highly encouraged to have one less thing to worry about!), you might be surprised to learn there are certain companies who charge so much, you might end up broke after moving into your new home!

This is another fear that could be resolved if you have allocated enough time for research. To get started, create a list of all the moving specialists that serves within your area. Make sure to have their contact details (phone number and/or email addresses) handy. Allocate a day to ring ALL (or most) of them and request for a quote. Once you have gathered the information you need, you may compare prices, read through reviews, and think of the best option that suits your budget. You may even get the chance to negotiate the prices to get the best deal from the arrangement!

If in case the cost is still too much to bear, you may have to resort to a plan B. You may reconsider not to bring ALL your belonging in one go. Alternative arrangements such as putting some of your belongings in storage or leave it with some relatives, for the time being, are some suggestions you can take onboard. Just make sure you are leaving behind the items that you will not have any urgent need so you won’t get stressed the moment you realized you left it behind!

Feeling anxious with delayed shipment, lost, or broken articles

Even if you chose the “best” mover in town or paid for ALL the possible insurance to protect your items whilst you move – it is only natural to still feel a tad bit worried about your belongings. After all, there are STILL a lot of things that can go wrong while your stuff is in storage or en route to your new home. And for some, the only way for you to feel at ease and heave that sigh of relief would be the moment you get your hands on your stuff upon delivery.

This moment will lead you back to all the time you spent doing the research on which moving company to trust with your belongings. And if you have given yourself ample time and didn’t rush just choosing the cheapest or first available mover, your anxiety should lessen. Simply knowing you did the best you could to place your items with the “most trusted company” accessible to you, both location and budget-wise, should be enough to somehow put your mind at ease.

In addition to that, consider paying for an additional fee to insure your belongings. The extra money you will spend for this add-on item is nothing in comparison to the sense of security and ease of mind it can bring. This will allow you to have a good fallback option in the unfortunate event if things “go wrong”.

To feel anxious as you wait for your belongings to arrive at your doorstep will lead nowhere. No matter how hard you think of your belongings, it won’t speed up the process for the items to arrive anyway! So instead of sulking in one corner over thinking about all the things that MAY go wrong with your items, why not use the time you have (if you have it) to make yourself a little bit more comfortable with your new home?

In a way, over thinking about your belongings or to feel bad when some articles get broken will not help or change the fact moving houses was necessary. So despite how difficult it could be, pack your bags, and let things take its course naturally.

Unpacking and settling in the new home

Even if you chose your new place, you won’t feel “quite a fit” the first time you opened the doors and stepped inside. Especially if you haven’t finished unpacking or most your items haven’t arrived yet, not seeing familiar items inside still makes you a little bit out of place and nostalgic about your old place. It is not foreign for anybody who newly relocated to still miss their old home and somehow wish it is possible to return.

Unpacking CAN BE as tedious (and bothersome) as the packing process. Especially if you relocated to a smaller new home, you may become a little bit frustrated to find there are not enough cupboards or closet space to fit all your belongings. Or, you may realize some of your furniture or home décor, not the right size or shade if used in your new home.

While it can be a source of disappointment, don’t let these things get to you. The most important thing to focus on is to make sure you have all the important belongings unpacked so you can get started with your life living in your new home. If you used a house removalist to transport your stuff, unpack and check EVERYTHING as fast as you can. Check for any broken items to make sure you can still file a complaint or claim from the insurance company (if insured).

Familiarizing yourself with the new community

Your home is one thing to get familiar with but outside your doorsteps lays the BIG community you have to get to know, too. The seemingly mundane activities of finding your way to do the daily commute to work or the nearest convenience store to buy milk when you run out on a weekday are just some of the things you have to research on. In addition to that, you also need to get acquainted with your new neighbors as part of the process, too!

Building relationships with the community take time. So don’t be afraid to take the first step to introduce yourself to your new neighbors! Even if you don’t intend to ask your neighbors for favors, isn’t it nice to feel you belong in the community? Getting to know your neighbors, even their faces or to be comfortable seeing them around makes a lot of difference in comparison to bumping into “strangers”.

To get you started, make sure to greet your neighbors when you bump into them. A simple “hi” or “hello” goes a long way and can be a great conversation starter. Or, you may consider having a look around at your local community center for any activities you (and your family) may participate in. It is a great way to pass the time and also, meet more new friends around the area!

In closing: Do not be afraid to move!

There are a lot of reasons why people feel negative about moving houses the moment it becomes a part of their reality. And if we are to talk about EVERY SINGLE REASON out there in the planet – this article would never end! But despite being unable to put into words all the possible reasons out there, the ultimate goal of this would be for you to know there are SOLUTIONS so you will NEVER fear moving houses, EVER.

Moving from one place to another is comparable to a new chapter in your life. Stressing out because of ANY of the things listed here will only hinder you to see the “silver lining” that caused you to move in the first place! Not to mention there is the probability it will keep you unhappy days, weeks, or months after you relocated. And depending on how “negative” you have felt about the decision to move, this might end up as a reason for you not to move forward with your life – and that is never a good thing!

It is unavoidable to feel a little bit intimidated and have a couple of things to worry about, though. However, don’t let the stress and worries engulf your entire thoughts – you will ALWAYS feel unhappy moving houses if you do!

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