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Moving-out house is considered as one of the most hassle moments in life and it is true. Our experts and team of professionals offers you the house removal services that are best-suited to your budget and customised according to your requirements. We provide the quality services for our clients and make them feel relaxed and stress free. We are providing the same service for your house removal from Sydney to Brisbane or Melbourne.


We work very carefully with our native housing links with moving their renters into their new houses as well as storage of possessions on a long or short term basis; we have revealed that we are a dependable, reliable and professional house removals company and carry on to work with one another to provide time-saving and cost effective services.

Moving-out home would cost fairly a lot of money at the finest of times, so plus in to the mix moving abroad as well as your home removal costs can almost go through the roof. Interstate House Removals assurances to match any amount on a like for like basis from any other company.

House removal does not need to be time consuming and energy consuming in the long run. Our team of experts provides the finest moving way out with the finest customised packages. You can first easily consult our specialists about removal services to know which one is the ideal package and service suitable for you. We are offering house removal services from tiny one-bedroom to large estates with numerous bedrooms.   Our 24 hours consumer service hotline for queries as well as for other concerns is available.

house removals


The calmest way to eradicate the strain from moving day is to plan in advance, think about what you would like to do before your removal of house and organize yourself and your time to get these jobs done. It does not matter how minor the task is, anything that you could do before the moving date would ultimately benefit you.



Removing unnecessary things from home while house removal, it might be an agonizing practice however it is an important one.

Start-off gathering boxes, baggage, old press papers and any other packing resources you possibly can.

Get selected quotes from interstateremovalists, house removal firm in the Sydney where you are moving-out from and where you are moving to. We provide the significant insurance to protect your valuables in transfer.


If you are planning to rent out your house, ensure you give notification about this to your property-owner. If you are going to purchase novel fitting and fixtures for your new-fangled home, order these to be delivered as soon as humanly possible after reaching.

Reserve off work time, save yourself a few days to ensure you have plenty time to sort everything out for your house removal.

Do communicate with your contacts and family about your moving-out, if you have not already, and try to get some help from them to help you move-out or to look after the children and pets on the moving day. Interstate removalists would take care of the rest.


Commence disassembling any stuff that you do not need and start off to pack away unnecessary things such as books, DVD’s and decorations etc. Clear out the shelter/garage/roof space etc. or avail our services. Inform companies about your modification of address.


Do contact to your estate representative to make a time to hand over the keys to your new house. Approve details with your house removal firm that should definitely be the paramount interstate removalists, keep packing, and leave only the vital items till last. Make arrangements for your mail to be transmit, this usually takes 4 to 5 working days.


We ensure that we you have already packed everything and all boxes are clearly categorized with the contents and things are mentioned on each and every box, it is similarly a good notion to pack a small number of things to keep to yourself, such as:

Necessities: Clothes, shampoos, soaps, night clothes etc.

Kitchen fundamentals: Tea, coffee, breakfast cereal, biscuits, Kettle, knives and forks, cups, bowls, salt and sugar.

DO it yourself: Screwdrivers, keys, scissors and a torchlight.

Documents: Pen and papers.

Please make sure that your phone is charged fully and hold onto your phone charger nearby just in case. The minute you have finished all of this, it would appear that moving day is like a walk in the park!


What to anticipate when moving out of the state?

The day of weighing up has arrived, this is the day your interstateremovalists removal company will arrive at your door step and start to move your furniture and fittings and personal items out of the house that you have most likely lived in for numerous years. Absolutely not knowing what to anticipate could be as tense as the move itself in some circumstances especially if you are moving out all your possessions to the other state. You have tried to plot everything in advance however there is always that trifling doubt that you must have forgotten something.


Save your documents separately, hand over them to a member of your family or acquaintance or a friend and get them out of the home. This would make it stress-free to find whenever you would like them after our lorry has gone. We would pack some bags with plentiful of every day and work garments and do not forget the shoes as well.

Keep your tablets and medicines with your private documents at an acquaintance or family member’s home in a plastic flask. You might need to access this immediately if you rely on these for your sicknesses.

When we are wrapping your own suitcases we try to keep shoes along, ornaments together, kitchen tools altogether in isolate boxes etc. Label each box as A, B, C and so forth. Make up a record of all boxes such as Box A = Ornaments, Box B = Shoes, Box C = Kitchen Tools, so it very easy to find anything you need immediately.

Interstate Removals would disassemble as much furniture as viably possible, retain screws and bolts saved in a bag on the piece of furniture undone so you may not to lose any. This would aid to cut prices in some circumstances and could even shield some furniture when being moved or transported out of the country.

If you are devising your goods packed at your home, sit and relax as your moving team would make sure that all the above things are taken care of.


This would depend on the dimension of your property and how much you have to be wrapped and moved. If you have done all the boxes yourself, a house of three bedrooms for example can take no matter what from 4-6 hours of time. There are manifold factors to ponder when moving out foreign such as; could the truck or lorry park right outside the home or is there a long-walk from your front or back gate to the boulevard, how many portions of furniture you have, how heavyweight they are, if they are not of appropriate sizes and so forth.

If you are asking interstate removalists, a packing team for house relocations or house removals, pack your possessions for you then this may increase the time quite markedly. As a thumb-rule, a property of three bedrooms needing a full package will take between 8-10 hours of time. This might even go in to 1-2 days as one time everything has to be packed and your belongings will require to be cautiously loaded either straightforward to a container or on to lorry depending on which mode of transportation you have chosen to ship your belongings out of the state.


When your possessions are being transported by truck in a container directly from your old house, the containers’ door are closed in front of you and seals are pasted on the locks to stop anybody from opening the door of container after your belongings left you in it. The persons allowed or allowed to open your container is courier representative or authority only. This is a regular process where not all of the containers are undone at the desired place, however, there is a time where your container will be indiscriminately chosen to examine its fillings afore being permitted to be shipped or only after it reaches in your selected end point. You would always get notifications by your local representative if your content has been chosen.

As soon as the container has gone from your house, it would be driven direct to the desired location, where it would sit with tens of hundreds of other containers where it would wait to be laden on to the big truck that your shipment is sign up on. The minute the container has been laden on board, you would get a copy of the draft bill of lading your content. This document contains your current address and connection details and your new address and details to contact with you. It would define what possessions are being sent such as 100 pieces of domestic goods and personal possessions. It would provide the container and the seal number, the arrival location or any local organization details if you have selected one.


You would be notified in writing or by the phone call from either your selected representative or the broker of the courier to advise that your container is anticipated to reach on a certain day. You would get a bill for local fee, taxes and duty if this is to be submitted together with agency charges and so forth. The minute you have paid your bill and the container reaches on desired location, you may either go collect your possessions or you can have a broker arrange for the delivery of your belongings to your novel house.

Welcome to your novel house and to your new-fangled life in a new state!


Ensure this thing that your belongings are insured to move by road.

As soon as it comes to house removals, We have numerous years of experience in management of your home belongings and personal possessions – taking the greatest care to ensure that they are both safe and sound during the removal and transfer to your novel home or to our lading depot.

There are numerous, men and a truck sole suppliers that proclaim to provide you a great removalists service at a portion of the price. However, you might need to ponder if they have the appropriate insurance policy to shield your belongings against any unintentional injury or any harm caused during transportation. They also might not have the right tools to do the job correctly.

While we are expert in house removals, office removals, commercial relocation as well as commercial movers. We provide a great quality service as compared with all house removal service providers in marketplace, we do have all the tools and equipment, and we are completely insured to complete the job securely and professionally, such as:


Our special removal vehicles for house or office removals are built-in with tail lifts to carry weighty things such as laundry machines and other heavy things.


Our Team for office removals, commercial movers or house removals might use a trolley to lift hefty objects such as white merchandises depending on right of entry to the personal property. The trolley similarly places flat down and could be used to transfer numerous boxes in one time for houses that do not have direct admittance via a road.


Professional graded couch covers that are amplified with a thick material; you might be thinking that a couch would not need much padding, however these shelters have manifold benefits. They have grips on each side making the couch easier to move skillfully as well as providing shield to avoid destruction of the material on the couch when crossing through frames of door. Couch as you know would mark far too easily so the sofa covers likewise stop the couch or sofa from being marked.


Moving blankets are a thick cashmere kind material normally used to cover fragile things such as tops of table, large electric goods, mirrors, products of glass and other delicate goods. They aid to prevent things being harmed as well as offering extra padding to avoid any scratches.


All belongings are skillfully and prudently loaded in the removal vehicles used for office removals, house removals to utilize as much space as possible, particular items might not be packed in a box and as such might be tougher to load and safe; this is the point where we would use straps to safe goods. Beside the inside of the removal trucks is a frame in which we can safe objects by using straps, this avoids things from moving during transfer therefore dropping any chance of things being spoiled.


Our company provides a comprehensive task force of moving trucks for transporting your material. We are able to transport your car, your boat or any other automobile or means of transportation through our broad transportation fleets. Contact us if you would like to transport your sports car or any other expensive, delicate valuables.


Delicate appliances and fragile goods require special care while packing your stuff as compared to packing of regular household goods. Our professional team for customized services is available on your request.


If you would like to keep some of your items to be stored temporarily for safekeeping, we do offer this facility for you as well. Our storing services are available for short as well as for longer periods, designed according to desired budget of our clients and with multiple storing units having different features.


We provide custom-made services to meet all the needs of our unique customers. We would happily perform the extra errand like placing your packed items to their selected lodgings.


Our team of experts pack your household possessions by using the paramount packing material. Our professionals would love to do the packing job in the manner as you have requested them to execute for you. In addition to that, we offer ideal transportation facility for your possessions.


  • What will be the size of the truck I will get?

  • The size of the truck assigned to your move depends on several factors including the size, complexity, and requirements of your house removals job. Our team comes by your home to survey your moving requirements at the very start of the moving process and determines the right size of the truck that you will need to complete your move comfortably and safely. In the case that we are unable to conduct a survey (such as in the case of an urgent move), we will contact you to get the information required to calculate the size of the truck that is required.
  • How long will it take to move my house?

  • There are multiple factors that can influence the time it takes to complete a house removals project which includes the distance to be moved, the number of items to be moved, the size of your home, and the number of floors (stairs) that you have. Similarly, if there is no parking space available right next to your current or new house then it can lead to increased time required for loading (or unloading) your belongings. But keeping all these factors in mind, when you move with us, we provide you with an accurate schedule of how much time it will take to complete your move, once we have gathered all your moving requirements.
  • Do you provide packing and moving boxes?

  • High-quality packing boxes are essential for moving and this is the reason we have a sizeable stock of moving boxes available at all our offices. Upon request, we can provide as many packing boxes as you need, particularly when you choose our packing and unpacking services. If you are not choosing any of our removals services, then you can purchase these packing boxes and we will deliver them right to your doorstep. Our premium moving boxes are ideal for storing all types of valuables and even come with storage capacity labels to help you understand how much load they can take.
  • Do you have services for self-storage?

  • Yes, we have services available for container storage and self-storage in our high-quality, secure, and temperature-controlled warehouses. Self-storage is ideal if you want access and control of your belongings while they are in storage. We recommend this for customers who are looking to store goods for the long-term or would like immediate access to their belongings when they need it, but keep in mind that this type of storage service is slightly more expensive than container storage.
  • At what time will the moving truck arrive?

  • In the case that you have opted for our transportation services or complete removals services, our truck will arrive at your given address between 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., unless you have requested otherwise. For other services, our staff generally work between 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 that you have ample time available in the day to take care of other things. In the case that we are unable to reach at the stated times, we will contact you at least a couple of hours prior to the arrival time to inform you. However, these timings are not rigid and can be rescheduled according to your requirements.
  • Will I have to arrange parking?

  • Yes, if parking outside of your old or new house is restricted or has other limitations then we recommend that you make arrangements for parking beforehand. You can contact the local council for this and organize a parking space for our truck during the time of the move. If you contact us prior to this, we will let you know how much space and time will be required by our truck in parking to successfully complete your move.
  • How long will it take for your truck to arrive at my new house?

  • As per the traffic laws in most areas, our trucks travel at a maximum speed of 56 miles per hour (MPH) so on average, if your new house is located 100 miles away then the truck will reach approximately 2 hours after departure. However, it is difficult still to provide an exact figure for how much time it will take to arrive at your new house since this depends on the distance and location of your new home. If the distance is very high then other than the distance, you must also keep resting periods and breaks for the driver in mind in time calculations as well. In our schedule, we provide you with a fair estimate of how long you can expect our truck(s) to arrive at your new house.
  • Can I access belongings that are in storage?

  • Yes, you can access your valuables if they are stored in self-storage. We provide two kinds of storage: containerized storage in which your belongings are securely sealed in a container and stored in a CCTV-monitored warehouse, and self-storage where you are allocated a dedicated storage space that you can access at any time. In containerized storage, you will need to inform us in advance if you wish to access your valuables since we will need to locate your containers and open it for access. On the other hand, with self-storage, you can access your goods at any time 24/7 but keep in mind that self-storage is slightly more expensive as well.
  • What items are not allowed to be moved/stored?

  • In general, no kind of gases or flammable liquids, regardless of how secure their containers are, are not allowed to be moved or stored. Similarly, oil and paint are also highly discouraged since it can pose a risk of damage to your belongings in the case that they leak. We also ask our customers to avoid storing any kinds of food items since they can go rotten and/or spoil other belongings. Other items that you cannot move or store include ammunition, drugs, and firearms.
  • Should I empty all my drawers?

  • The rule of thumb is to empty your drawers if there are any heavy or fragile items stored in them since they can get damaged during drawers removals. However, if you do not have such items in your drawers then you can safely leave them there and we will ensure that the drawer is packed and transported in a secure and reliable manner.
  • Can I pack on my own?

  • Yes, you can pack on your own if you wish to do so and to accommodate self-packing, we even provide our customers with high-quality premium packing boxes according to their requirements. However, even when self-packing, you can always reach out to our experts to provide consultation on how to pack certain items such as furniture and what goods to pack together. Please note that when packing on your own, we do not take liability on any damage caused to goods or fragile belongings due to inadequate or poor packing.
  • Will you place my furniture according to my requirements?

  • Yes, our team of movers will accommodate every request regarding redecoration and placement that you make. However, we do recommend that you plan, in advance, on where you would like your belongings and furniture to be placed once it has arrived in your new home to save time. Our staff will help you redecorate but frequent requests of rearrangement are not encouraged which is why we recommend you to plan ahead.
  • Which day is most suitable for moving?

  • You can move on any day that suits you the most as long as you have made a booking in advance with us. Most removals companies charge you premium for moving on weekends or during the holidays but here at Interstate Removalists Sydney, we recognize that weekends or holidays are often the most suitable time to move. This is the reason we do not charge a premium if you make a booking at least one month in advance since this can save you the stress and money. But in general, we recommend moving on a day when you are free from all other commitments and work.
  • What regions do you cover?

  • Interstate Removalists Sydney is one of the oldest and most renowned removals services in Australia. We are pleased to state that we cover all areas within Australia including all areas that come under Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast,and other major cities as well. No matter where you are relocating in Australia, we will handle your house removals for you.
  • How much will you charge for my move?

  • It is difficult to provide an estimate of the costs of a move without knowing your exact requirements. The charges for a house removals project depend on a multitude of factors including the size, complexity, and type of your move. Once we conduct an initial assessment of your house and gather your moving requirements, we can provide you with an accurate quote for the move. If you would like to receive a free quotation from us, please get in touch right away.
  • Do you charge for waiting on moving day?

  • Our aim is to provide maximum convenience to our customers and therefore, allow for delays of up to an hour on the moving day. However, to make sure that our team is competitively paid for their time, we charge you at an hourly rate for delays that are longer than an hour. But, we always bill you for delays using a separate invoice so that you can easily pass this charge to other parties who were responsible for the delay, if any.
  • What size of storage containers will you provide?

  • There is no one-fits-all size for storage containers that we provide and thus the size depends on the exact storage requirements that you have. Our range of storage containers have capacities starting from 1 cubic meter to up to 20 cubic meters. For an average house removals project, you will need up to 15 cubic meters of storage. All of our storage containers are made to industry standards with timber wood and a height of 8 feet.
  • For how long can I store my belongings for?

  • There is no limitation on the duration for which you can book our storage containers. We have fixed rates per day/month/year for our container units that enable us to provide cheap storage services to our customers, even if they wish to store their belongings for long periods of time. On average, most house removals require storage to be booked for 2 – 4 weeks, but some customers have had our storage units for years as well so it entirely depends upon your individual requirements.
  • Do you do piano/automobile/pool table removals?

  • Yes, we facilitate the move and storage of all kinds of household belongings which include pianos, automobiles, furniture, and pool tables. Our professional movers are equipped with specialized equipment and vehicles that enable safe and secure piano removals, vehicle removals, and pool table removals. Our staff is experienced with packing, loading, and transporting all such household belongings in a reliable and efficient manner.
  • Can I move with a pet?

  • Yes, you can. We provide specialized services for pet removals that are helpful for both short and long-distance moves. When you choose our pet removals services, our movers make use of special pet carriers with adequate food and litter facilities to transport your beloved pets to the new destination. If you wish to move your pet on your own then you can borrow the special carriers on moving day from us, as well.

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