Tips to Save Money When Moving House

The perfect moves requires so much more planning than most people realise. When you are dealing with office relocation or requiring the help of a removalist to move you to a new home, you likely have a whole list in your head of the things that you need to get done. You’re thinking about the money you need to get the house or office locked down. You’re thinking about the fact you’re moving your two bedroom home to a three bedroom house. You’re thinking about the endless packing and moving that’s ahead of you, and the van you have to hire that’ll go on ahead of you to the new location.

Getting the interstate removal company sorted out will be the best thing that you could do for your move, and it doesn’t have to be an overly expensive or stressful ordeal. You also shouldn’t have to hemorrhage money trying to get the right home packing services booked in. Thankfully, Interstate Removalists are good at getting your home or office ready for a move, so that the whole experience can be one that you smile about rather than stress over. There are so many things that can go wrong with a home or office move, but if you have the right house movers on your side, you minimise the worry.

At Interstate Removalists Sydney, you can guarantee that you have the best removalists on your side to make your move the smoothest it could be. We don’t just offer expertise about the logistics of your move – we’ll even pack and unpack for you, too. Our packaging services are some of our most popular, and our unpacking services are there to make sure that your move-in day is going to be easy. We’ll make sure nothing slips through the cracks of your move, and we’ll be the movers and packers you need from the moment you call us to the moment we leave you with a fully unpacked home or office.

A lot of the time, hiring the best Interstate Removals Sydney has to offer can be cheaper than a self-move, and you get that added guarantee that your things will arrive where they should when they should and in one piece to boot. With all of this in mind, there are still plenty of ways to save yourself some time, cash and stress while you’re moving, and all it takes are the few helpful tips that we have for you below.
Get Started As Soon As Possible
If you’re already online and looking for tips for saving money for a house move, you’re already late in starting out. You could be planning your interstate removal in two years, but you should still be getting organised now. Two years go in the blink of an eye, and if you’re not adequately prepared early, you’re going to struggle later on. Thinking this far ahead can save you a ton of cash – for example, you’ll need to ensure you have your excess belongings sold and the money saved to hire your interstate removalist.

You could be selling all your older furniture so that you can buy brand new for your new house or office. Also, you should be using this time to start the decluttering process. The less you have to worry about, the easier your move will be. Of course, you’ll be bringing on Interstate Removalists Sydney, so your actual packing and unpacking won’t be a problem for you.

Start decluttering by going room to room and making a list of everything that you own. Everything that you haven’t needed to use in the last six months to a year can be sold or given away. All the clothes that you don’t use can be given to charity, too, so you won’t even have to worry about them not being reused in the right way.
Lock In Your Moving Strategy
Moving interstate is a tremendous job – it’s not just a case of moving around the corner! The best thing that you can do when you are planning house removals is to develop a strategy to make sure it’s the smoothest possible move. We know it’s not a proper military operation, but the organisation that goes into home packing services does feel like it. The one key thing that you need to know about your interstate removal is that putting off the organisation of it is going to be a problem later on. Don’t continue to put it off, either, as it’ll be much harder on you as the time to move creeps closer.

Pre-planning will save you some money, seeing as you’ve planned ahead in advance that you’ll be earning money from the move by the furniture, toys, and clothing that you can sell quickly. Last minute decisions are those that are the most costly, and not being prepared lead to these decisions and purchases. Most people forget all the things that they have to pay for as part of their removals, and there are so many tasks that need to be completed for the removal to be a smooth one. Let’s take a look at the comprehensive list of things that you need to complete for your move to go smoothly.

  • Put your budget together
  • Give your real estate agent or landlord the required notice before your movers and packers arrive
  • Settle any outstanding household bills
  • Call in Interstate Removalists Sydney for their home packing services – including materials
  • Hold a sale or two either online or on the drive to get rid of the things that you no longer need and you don’t want the movers to bring
  • List everything in your house that you WANT to bring with you
  • Book your flight or car to take you to the new place. Interstate removals often require a flight for you while your things go by road.
  • Arrange for pet transport
  • Set up all your new utilities for the new house before you arrive, including internet and insurance payments
  • Redirect your mail
  • Collect spare keys from friends or family that have them

Setting A Moving Budget
Furniture removalists are able to provide you with a service that helps you to pack your home, move your things and unpack at the other end, and this service comes with a price – as does everything else that is built into your move. With this in mind, you should set yourself a moving budget that is carefully segmented to include each moving task that is necessary. Knowing your current financial position, as well as what you would like to set as a maximum budget overall is important so that you can plan your entire removals budget correctly. Careful research of the right movers and packers in Sydney is the first step, and the next is to work out each thing that you have to pay out for. There are a lot of expenses that you have to list that can often be forgotten in your moving budget, which is why the earlier you make this list, the better it will be. The costs will always add up, and without a list of things to pay for – including the packer and movers – you could forget the smaller costs.

One of the most often overlooked costs for your move is the petrol and meal costs of the day. You have to make sure that you stop along the way for your move so that you can make the day as effortless as possible. Once you are aware of the moving costs, always add a little more on top for “emergency” costs that you don’t foresee coming. The earlier you have the budget set, the better off you will be for your move to be the smoothest possible.
Making A List, Checking It Twice
You may not be Father Christmas, but you do have to make a list of all the content in your home so that you can make this move a good one. Knowing exactly what you have is going to help you in your efforts to move. Over the years, you build up a lot of furniture and appliances as well as smaller items like books and DVDs. We often don’t even realise how much we build up over the years and it’s not until you move that you notice how much STUFF you have. You need to know precisely what your removalists are going to take so that you can understand what to expect when you arrive at your destination. Buying new furniture may be on your list, but there isn’t any point in buying if you don’t know what you already have.

Listing your content also allows you to inventory each box that your packing and moving specialists sort for you. It will also help them to unpack items into each room, and it gives you the peace of mind that your things are being looked after. Safeguarding your stuff by using Interstate Removalists Sydney for your move can ensure that you get reliable delivery of your belongings as well as the right insurance to make sure that your move goes off without a hitch.
Out With The Old
Knowing your content list is complete, you’ll be able to separate which of your belongings are old and unwanted, and which you will be taking with you to the new house. With the items that you want to keep from your content list, put them to one side so that you know what needs to be packed. With the rest, you need to put them into two piles:

  • The things you want to sell
  • The things you want to donate

A lot of people will be interested in a house contents sale, whether you do it from Facebook Marketplace, the driveway or eBay! Let’s take a look at the ways that you can sell your unwanted goods before your packers and movers arrive.
Garage Sale
Your neighbourhood may be one filled with families, and so setting up a garage sale and advertising it online on Facebook and community websites can drum up the interest that you need. Get the kids involved making signs, and you could even ask their school to put a notice out to parents that there will be a sale for second-hand uniform/school items.
Social Media Sales
Marketplace, Instagram, eBay, and other online listings are a good idea for appliances and items that you want to shift quickly. Gumtree is one of the most popular places that you can sell your things, and selling groups on Facebook allow you to list your stuff for free, too, which will be a money saver.
Clothing and books are the perfect things to give to charity. Local nursing homes may love old records and CDs, where they’ll also enjoy board games and puzzles, too. There are so many different places to donate, from Vinnies to Salvos. Bulkier items can even be picked up by some charities if they are in good reselling condition, so make sure you clean down everything that you want to sell.

For everything that can’t be sold or donated and you don’t want to bring with you, contact the local rubbish collection team to dispose of them all for you. If you have a friend with a truck, you can take things to the dump yourself if you have the time. Making your removal as easy as possible should be the goal for you!
Call Interstate Removalists Sydney
It’s time to get packing, but you’re busy. You’ve got work and the kids and trying to organise packing an entire house with coordinating a move? Not the easiest thing to do. With Interstate Removalists, you get movers and packers that can be there for you from the moment you want to move to the very last box being unpacked. Our efficient and professional team can get your home packing services underway quickly, providing packaging services and unpacking services, too.

Of course, you can pack your house yourself and get it done in the way that you would want it to be, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t bring in the removalists to do it for you! Paying for this service can be invaluable to you, and you can get the job done quickly and efficiently without worrying.
Booking Your Moving Day
Around three months before you’re looking to move, it’s time to book Interstate Removalists and start planning the moving day. You can save an absolute fortune by booking in advance and getting an all-round service that will make your day much more comfortable. It may sound counterproductive to hire house movers when you are trying to save money, but in the long run, you’re going to make savings. You don’t have to worry about buying packing and moving your belongings yourself, and you don’t even have to worry about paying for petrol – we’ll take care of that for you.

You can get insurance and packaging services, too, which will even allow you to avoid taking too much time off work. A house move is a big deal that takes a lot of planning and preparation, and the peace of mind that a removalist can give you will be invaluable to the day. Of course, you shouldn’t ever just hire the first interstate removalist you find; you should get some quotes. However, Interstate Removalists Sydney is the best in the business, and we can make your house removals as easy and smooth as you can want while being affordable for you.

Always check the customer reviews for the companies you’re looking at. At Interstate Removalists Sydney, you will find a service worth the money and you will be able to get that fast, safe and reliable service that you are looking for.

Interstate Removalists Sydney is the company that you need for those affordable moving days that you are looking for. You should use a service that is experienced and reliable, and that’s us. We understand that your move is not an easy one, and we get how complicated the process can be. Here’s why you should choose us:

  • We have moved homes and offices of all sizes
  • Our packing services are flawless, with specific teams for fragile removals who can pack the heavy and delicate items carefully
  • We will dismantle, wrap and pack all of your belongings and then we will reassemble it all for you, too
  • Our pricing is fair and affordable, and there are no hidden costs. You will be aware of everything that you pay for from the moment that you have your quote.
  • If you need storage, we’re the people for you. We can store your belongings for you for as long as you like – all you have to do is pay for space and time needed
  • We can take the weight of your move off your shoulders and make the whole experience a positive one for you, from packing to unpacking.
  • Our clients and their testimonials are evidence for our trustworthiness and our competitive pricing plans. We guarantee you that we will deliver you the best value for your money.

Moving Sydney to Melbourne? As professional Sydney to Melbourne Removalists, We ensure that the process is as seamless and fast as possible. Call us today and see!