10 Helpful House Moving Tips for Seniors

For seniors, the process of moving home can be a real challenge. We all know how difficult and stressful moving can be, and those challenges can be even greater for seniors who don’t want the stress and upheaval that comes with the moving process. But, sometimes, moves have to take place and approaching them in the right way is vital. That’s the only way to avoid unnecessary stress as a senior.

To help make sure you get through the moving process in the best possible way as a senior, we’ve got 10 helpful house moving tips for seniors that you can implement during your move. These tips all apply to your situation and will help you to experience the move in a more relaxed and peaceful manner, which can never be a bad thing. Read on now and learn more about how you should approach your house move as a senior.

  1. Don’t Rush Things

First of all, you should make sure that you don’t rush things because doing so can be very risky and more stressful for you. Sure, you probably want to get the hard work over and done with at the soonest possible opportunity, but that doesn’t mean you should allow yourself to move at a pace that you’re not exactly comfortable with.

When you take things a little more slowly, and start them a little earlier, you will find that you can take the process at more of a pace that suits you and what you’re looking to achieve during the move. Going too fast will bring about the potential for all kinds of problems that you don’t want to experience, so try not to fall into that trap.

Of course, leaving things until the last moment will always result in you having to rush. That’s why it’s much better to plan ahead and think about things in advance. That way, you’ll be able to make sure that you’re ready and able to move to the next stage of the moving process when the time comes.

  1. Assess Your New Home’s Floor Plan and Plan Ahead

It’s always worth looking closely at the floor plan of your new home before you actually move in. Of course, I’m sure you’ve done that in some small way but it pays off to plan in more depth for the specific requirements of the home. That way, you can tell the removalists where to put which things because you’ll have it planned out in your mind.

Each home has different quirks and particularities and it certainly won’t be exactly the same as your old one. Knowing where you’re going to put things and how you’re going to fit everything into the place where it should be will make your life a lot easier during the days and weeks after the move has been completed.

The plan you have in place should be personal to you. After all, you’re the person who’s going to be using the home in a way that suits you. Don’t let anyone else’s plans or ideas override your own priorities because what you want and how you want the home to function are what matter most.

  1. Take Photos Before You Start the Process

If you’ve spent a lot of time in your current home, you’ve probably got some very fond memories of it and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to preserve them in one way or another. When you’ve had big life events happen inside those four walls, you’ll want to make sure that you retain some connection to the place going forward.

One way to do that is to take some photos of the home before you begin the process of moving everything out of it. That way, you can make sure that the place looks the way it should in the photos and you always have something to hold onto and remember the home by as you get older. It’s something lots of people do when moving.

It’s one of those small things that can end up making a really big difference to you going forward, so don’t forget about before you move. It’s something that you can store away and look at whenever you might want to in the future.

  1. Update Your Address

Updating your address is also a good idea when you’re moving to a new place. After all, you don’t want your mail and magazine subscriptions to end up at your old home rather than your new one. It’s very easy to forget about things like that when you’re dealing with all of the other things that come with moving house and home removals.

You should make sure that all of the bills you pay are going to your new place as well, so contact all of the relevant companies and let them know what your new address is. This can be a long process because you quickly realise that there are lots of companies out there that have your address and use it regularly.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help from a friend or family member if the task of updating your address is difficult. It can be a bigger challenge than many people imagine. And you might need to use a variety of platforms and methods to change your address, which you might not be comfortable with.

  1. Remember to Stay in Touch with Neighbours

Staying in touch with the neighbours in your old location will help you keep that connection to the place. And it’s never a bad thing to stay in touch with old friends, especially when you’ve spent a long stretch of your life living near them and talking to them every day of your life. It would be a real shame to lose those connections.

Be sure to swap updated phone numbers and let them know where you’re moving to. And make an effort to keep those connections and friendships strong for a long time to come. It’s very easy to lose touch with good friends when you move to a new location, but it doesn’t have to happen so don’t let it.

It’s just as important to stay in touch with friends in the area if you’re moving to a location that’s quite some distance away. Print off your address on some cards and simply pass them out to everyone you want to stay in touch with. It’s an easy way to deal with the move more efficiently and stay in touch with everyone.

  1. Use a Reliable Removalist Service

It’s vital to use a removalist company if you’re going to be moving because it’s not easy to go it along, however old or young you are. If you’re moving out of state, an interstate removalist will be able to help you and ensure that the service you receive is complete and covers all of the most important aspects of the move.

There are lots of reliable companies out there and they can often offer packing services and unpacking services. For seniors who don’t want to spend their time and energy on packing and unpacking all of their possessions, making the most of those kinds of services is definitely a good idea when moving to a new place.

A good removalist company will take care of all the work for you, making the whole process a lot easier for you. You’ll be able to focus on the things that matter to you without having to take care of the heavy lifting and all of the other stuff that should be taken care of by trained and experienced professionals.

  1. Take the Opportunity to Downsize Your Belongings

During the moving process, you’ll probably be taken aback by just how much stuff you have in your possession. It’s easy to forget just how many things you’ve accumulated over the years. That’s why you might want to take the chance to get rid of some of the things that you no longer need and don’t want to keep hold of.

You can then either sell or donate the things that you don’t need and don’t want to take with you. Downsizing your belongings will make you feel lighter and freer, which is never a bad thing. And it’ll also mean that your new home won’t be quite so cluttered with things that bring you no joy any longer, and that’s certainly a positive.

It’s a good idea to be ruthless when it comes to downsizing and clearing things out. That way, you won’t end up keeping hold of things that you neither want nor need.

  1. Break it Down Into Less Daunting Tasks

The task of moving can be very daunting if you try to take on too much at a time. Rather than doing that, you should try to break things down into much more manageable chunks. That way, you’ll be able to make it so that you’re not under such stress and pressure during the move. It’ll feel a lot more manageable for you.

There’s a wide range of tasks that you need to get done and completed throughout the moving process and that can be stressful. Of course, you should make the most of interstate removalists to make the entire project less stressful. But even the little things that you need to complete yourself can be broken down into smaller stages and completed gradually.

Each task should be easy to complete and it shouldn’t demand too much of your time or attention. That way, you’ll be able to avoid getting bogged down in time-consuming tasks for too long at a time.

  1. Don’t Forget to List and Label as Much as Possible

Listing and labelling will make your life a lot easier later on. If you’re going to do the unpacking yourself, you will want to make sure that you know where everything is and where each box needs to go when it reaches your home. So, be sure to make lists and label boxes accordingly. Whoever provides your packing services can do this too.

Having a functional, clear and organised process in place will help you to make sure that nothing gets ignored or forgotten about during the process. And it’ll make everyone’s life easier and more efficient at the end when it comes to finding each possession a new home in your new house, so don’t ignore this.

It’s a small thing that makes a big difference to the move and the eventual process of settling into your new home, so that shouldn’t be ignored or underestimated. It’s easy to get hold of listing and labelling resources, so there’s no reason not to.

  1. Enlist Relatives to Help if Necessary

If you want help from people you know, having your family take part in the move is a good idea. Even if you have reliable removalists carrying out the bulk of the work for you, it never hurts to have your family by your side during the moving process as well. Doing so will ensure you always have the support you need on the moving day.

That support doesn’t have to only be practical and physical. Moving can be draining and emotional for many people as well, so having family around you to offer that kind of support can be a good idea too. There’s no reason not to invite them along and have them help out during the move, and I’m sure there’ll be happy to help.

They can take care of things that you don’t want to do yourself as well. The more people involved in the process, the easier it will be for you in the end, so make the most of the help people can offer.

Moving as a senior citizen can be tough. Let’s face it; moving house is tough for anyone, no matter what your age is. But when you’re older, it can be even more of a challenge. These 10 helpful house moving tips for seniors will allow you to make the move less draining and less stressful for you.

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