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Complete Moving Guide

Moving isn’t as easy and appealing as it is perceived to be. Although, there are people who are moving for the first time and can’t wait to get to the new place, city or country; there are many difficulties awaiting them on the way there. In modern days, moving has become more difficult because people buy lots of stuff during their stay in any place. You can enter a new town without anything but a job, after few years you will have trunk load of stuff. It is because we all want to life a luxurious life with appropriate standard. Anyhow, moving should not be very hectic and you can make this whole experience fatigue less if you know few hacks. You will not find these hack anywhere because very few people know them but here you will find all those secret hacks. After reading this piece you will never afraid of moving. Following are a few tips that will help you out, regardless of your status as a mover: frequent or amateur.


Early & Proper Planning

The first step of every small and big project should be the planning because you can’t achieve even a smallest goal without planning for it. You should plan your move at least one month before the moving day. If you are moving in any emergency situation, then it does not mean that you don’t need a plan. You can develop a plan even when you have only few days to move. No matter what is your situation, proper and early planning is necessary. The main question here is what type of planning you need and what things you should include in this planning process. First of all, you should focus on packing and make a strategy to plan different items. You will need boxes of different sizes and you should include at the top of your plan. The next thing is the transportation. You will need to assess your situation in this case. It is not necessary to get a huge truck when you can move your stuff in a small truck. Following are some things that you should add in your plan

  • Packing strategy
  • Packing kit
  • Smart labelling
  • Transportation
  • Loading & unloading
  • Plan to handle high-value and fragile stuff
  • Handling of cash, jewellery and other expensive and stealable stuff
  • Moving day activities
  • Unpacking strategy
  • Sharing of new information

Lots of people don’t bother to write their plan which is the reason of stress and frustration on and around moving days. You must write down your plan no matter what you think about your intelligence. Every successful person writes down his plan and keep them in his pocket or diary to stay organized. In next section, you will find out all these aspects of moving plan and at the end you will be able to develop a smart moving plan which you can easily execute.

Transferring Your Information

During moving, lots of people forget to share their new information with the close friends and relatives. They usually tell them about the street address but don’t mention the house number because even they don’t remember house number of their new house. So, buy a pocket diary if you don’t have a smart phone which is very unlikely in this era. Write down complete address and new landline number of your house. Share it with your very close friends only. No need to share it on social media, this is the worst mistake you can make. You can make announcement on social media after settling down in new place and resting for few days. If you are 100% sure about you move, then start updating your postal address gradually because we all have lots of subscription and you can’t update information on all subscriptions instantly. Start with the least important ones and end with the most important ones. You will have to check mails on your new and old addresses for few weeks if you don’t want to miss any post. Before you move, be sure you know all the utilities you’re responsible for and make the transfers, like changing the address and other details.

Taking Measurements & Go Light

Not everything you own may fit wonderfully in your current home, but it may in your new one. It can be easy to make assumptions but know that it will create complications. Make an appointment at the new place, if necessary, to get the measurements of the place. Next, you need to know the measurements of your furniture and you will know if the place will accommodate your furniture or not. You will also need to measure your new apartment, building, staircase, corridors, and elevators because you will have to move your stuff through all these places. If you have massive furniture or any other thing that you can’t take to your new home, then you can sell it before time. In this way you will not have to pay to move those articles to your new home just to realize that you can’t take it in. Moreover, you will not have the bargain power if you try to sell a product lying on the street. Take it as the opportunity to get rid of some stuff. You can also throw out all unnecessary stuff. Sort out all item and sell them online through classified ads website. You can also contact recycling company to get rid of unnecessary metal in your home.

Getting Four Wheels

You have the option of having a moving company help you out. If you’re doing it on your own, you’re obviously going to need a truck. Reserve your truck as far in advance as you can or you may not get one at the last minute. It is far better to hire professionals to help you out because they can load heavy and fragile stuff easily and safely. You can’t do it on your own unless you have several sincere and physically fit friends who can dedicate the whole day for you. Majority of people don’t have this luxury so they should get help from moving company and in next section you will find out how to find a best moving company and which one is hottest moving company in Australia.


To make it easier: set aside the essentials. Remember, you only have to pack what is useful or your new place will get crowded because of your hoarding. You’ll come across many miscellaneous items that don’t belong to any particular room but just make your place look more complete. Find all of these items first, set them aside, and pack them all in one place or just use them as fillers in other boxes.

Labelling and Managing Your Inventory

Unmarked boxes create confusion when unpacking, but there are so many ways to keep track of your stuff. The most common method of labelling involves a black marker and room names on your boxes. Alternatively, you can label with the boxes’ contents too. What most people don’t consider when moving a box is actually handling them. This is to say that you don’t know which side ought to be upright of a box and how much will it weigh when you carry it to and from your truck. It is a given that you don’t want to place a heavy box on top of a light one so labelling with weight orientation (light, medium and heavy) will make the whole process a lot easier. Also make an arrow sign on every side of the box to indicate the direction of the box. It is nice practice to keep things safe in every box.

There is a technique of smart labelling which can help you sort out your boxes and unpack them conveniently. Put similar products in one box and label them accordingly. Decoration pieces should be in one box and label them as decoration piece. Similarly label the box as books, kitchen items, washroom stuff, parents’ bed room, kids’ room, toys etc. It may sound hectic during the packing phase but during unpacking phase this technique can save you serious amount of time and will keep things simple. You will not need to open every box just to take out few plates to serve lunch or dinner on first day in your new home.

Assembling Furniture

After you have moved in, it is time to assemble the furniture that came in pieces and find a suitable place for it in the apartment. Before you do that or even bring your furniture in the place, it’s best to wipe it down just a little bit. Assembling of furniture is little tricky and laborious but you can ask for moving company to assemble your furniture for you. There are some moving companies in Australia which provide this kind of services to complement their deal. To le moving company assemble your furniture you must select the right spot for furniture before moving to new house. You can move your furniture in other rooms easily once they get assembled.  Besides, moving company will not wait much for you to decide place of furniture as they usually just unload their truck and vanish with the cheque.

Unpacking: The Beginning of The End

If you can manage, fill your closets first. This will help keep clutter out of the way and leave you more room to unpack the important stuff. During labelling, you can make separate boxes for closets. In this way you can quickly empty your closet boxes. Every empty box will boost your moral and give you more energy to empty all boxes as quickly as possible. Do not open multiple boxes at same time. It will create a mess. Clean one room and place all its boxes in it. In this way, place all boxes in its place and then open one box at a time and empty it by placing its stuff at appropriate place. It is recommended to start with the kitchen and washroom as these are two most vital places in any house.

Get Assistance from Experts

You can do lots of things on your own but you can’t manage everything therefore it is important to get help from professionals. There are lots of moving companies out there but most of them are don’t provide satisfactory services. You must take some time out and search for the best moving company in your town. There are several things that can go wrong during moving therefore you should not compromise on safety of your valuables while moving. A good moving company can also take you out of trouble in case of emergency. The market of moving goods is also becoming very competitive therefore you can get high-quality service at optimum rate. All you need to do is to look at right place at right time. Moreover, internet has made search of companies super easy for all of us. You should find a company with fowling features and facilities.

  • Wide range of high power trucks
  • Staff for loading and unloading
  • Experience of handling large variety of products
  • Assistance during planning
  • Labelling and packing kits
  • Licence to operate in multiple states
  • Professional and licenced drivers
  • Insurance plan
  • Market competitive price

If you are Sydney and want to move to any place in Australia, then you should take a look at Interstate Removalists as this company offer all aforementioned facilities and have ample experience to handle all sorts of things.

Why to look for Sydney’s interstate removalists services?

The main reason to go for their services is their comprehensive and efficient services. They had got everything covered in such a way to ensure your relocating to new home with an ease. They are expert in providing the customised services that will definitely be according to your budget. Either you wish to move to a nearer state or to the furthest you will not find any compromise in their services in terms of quality.

They are providing their services to all types of residential ranging from one bedroom to multiple bedrooms. Their interstate removalists’ services are wide-ranging and complete range from smallest items to the widest including bulky furniture and equipment that you need.

Here are the residential relocation packages offered by interstate removalists:

  • Complete Packing and Transportation.

For relocation your household stuff will be properly and expertly packing by using most safe and secure materials. The team can help you out if you ask for in your packing needs or according to your request. They also provide transportation services for relocation of goods that meet your needs in an ideal way.

  • Automobile and Other Vehicle Transport.

A complete fleet of trucks and trailers is offered by interstate removalists Sydney. These transportation fleets can move your car, boat, RV or any other vehicle from one state to the other where you intend to relocate. You need to check before requesting of transportation of your sport cars and also other high end units.

  • Appliance and Furniture Servicing.

It is quite a different task to pack your smaller household good as compared to the huge furniture and appliances. Their team offers crating of fragile items with intensive care on your request.

  • Secure Storage.

They offer storage facilities if you request for temporary safekeeping and storage of your items. They provide storage services as you demand both for short and long term. At first you have to check their storage features if they match your budget.

Their customised interstate removalist solutions are designed in such a way to meet the unique needs of their clients. They do extra activities too such as placing your goods to their right place and also unpacking them for your ease.

It is a known fact that relocation needs a lot of time and energy whether it is residential or business related. The interstate removalists Sydney provides the best possible solutions with a very affordable package. You need to first consult the experts in order to get detailed information about the services you need. They offer customer service hotline that deal with inquiries of their customers.

Business And Commercial Services

They claim that they always treat every project differently according to the needs and requirements of that project where budget and preferences of customers are considered at first. The scope of their facilities is to ensure all these services in order to provide quality solutions and assistance to their clients.

Below is discussed a list of services that are provided in business relocation:

Office Moving

A successful proven process is their solution to all-inclusive office relocation. They provide transparent estimated services which have no hidden charges. First of all you have to go through their fees up front so that you can prepare your budget accordingly and can precede tension-free transaction with them. By using their comprehensive services, moving an office is no more threatening.  Check their workplace relocation services which you can easily schedule for weekends or after your work hours in this way your work will not be affected.

Here is a list of services they provide for office moving:

  • Pre-move planning
  • installations of system furniture
  • they offer packing materials, crating and packing
  • relocation of computer
  • removal, disposal, and recycling of interstate furniture
  • storage and management of Records
  • relocation of Warehouse
  • relocation of plant
  • quality management

The interstate removalist team is expert in removing your office furniture in an organized way. They can gather and disassemble your furniture in a transport in order to take it to your new office with great care. In addition, you can also request for disassembling of your computer and other equipment for proper relocation and management.

Quality Business Management and Warehousing

They provide exact inventory of your supplies, equipment, stocks and many other things. They claim that they provide computerised storage and warehousing with 24/7 monitoring. You just have to arrange interstate removalists in order to move your business and other important entrepreneurial supplies.

Office or Business Move Guide

It is a challenging task to relocate your office. There are detailed guidelines available by interstate removalists that will help in starting a new project of relocation. They guarantee cooperate business relocation if you are aware of the moving process. Work with their team in order to get an efficient relocation. The education of employee is very important for the relocation of project. Here are some tips provided by the experts of interstate removalists.

Packing Information

It should be ensured that the items of your desks and workplace are completely packed. It is highly recommended to start packing the small items such as pens, papers, rubber bands, paper clips etc. other goods such as workstations, bookcases, file cabinets, small office machines and desks need special packing for their safety.

Guide to Smart Labelling

You can take a start even before the interstate removalist team has arrived. If you need partial services of interstate removalists Sydney, then you should start labelling of the items. They offer special tips for labelling of items so firstly you have to go through them.

So, moving is difficult but it doesn’t have to be difficult. It is our poor planning and short vision which leads to lots of problems. You have to keep the broader image in mind to avoid any undesirable situation. It does not matter whether you are moving domestic stuff, office equipment, warehouse stuff, fragile products or machine, the basic principle of effective moving is similar. All these guidelines are enough to make your moving project super easy and stress-free. All you need to do is to follow these tips and tricks smartly. If you are in Sydney, then moving is not a big issue due to Interstate Removals. A good moving company can make your moving project quick and easy but it depends on your ability to handle the situation which keeps you away from all sorts of mental pressure. Take some time free and have a discussion with frequent movers and you will find out moving is not that difficult as it seems.