There are hundreds of choices that you need to make when moving. From the choice of real estate agent to which items you need to leave behind, each decision can be quite difficult. As you ponder over such decisions, you also need to choose between the options of moving yourself or hiring a removalist. With all these decisions to take, there is no wonder people feel overwhelmed even before the moving process starts. Fortunately, we are here to help you choose between these various moving methods and strategies.

When choosing between moving yourself and hiring movers, perhaps the most important factor is the budget. However, there are a number of other things to consider such as how far is your new home, your personality and family, and the complexity of your move. Each move is different from the other because of the several factors involved. For instance, most individuals are not able to physically carry a mattress or couch down the stairs which can be an influencing factor in whether you should self-move. Similarly, not all of us have friends and family that can help with packing and moving items so in such cases, hiring a removalist becomes the better option.

There are plenty of people out there who prefer DIY (Do-It-Yourself) moves to save money and have flexibility with their move. However, people generally prefer choosing an interstate removalist because of their experience and skill. Professional interstate removalists such as will assist you in every possible way they can to facilitate your move. From packing your belongings to assuring the safety of your goods, everything is covered by a reliable interstate removalist service.

We weight the options of moving yourself vs. hiring an interstate removalist in the sections below by outlining the benefits and drawbacks of each of these.

Pros of Self Moving:

Self-moving offers the following benefits when you are planning and executing your move:

1.      Work with your own schedule

You are the boss when you do things yourself. All the decisions are in your own hands, from when to move and how to move and how many days to spend on it. You may want to move a little at a time or do it all in one day. While some prefer moving their items gradually from their old house to the new one, others like to schedule everything on one long day of moving. When you move with professional movers, you must plan the bulk of the move for a single day only. When moving locally, a DIY move could be spread out over days or sometimes even weeks.

2.      Save up on money

This is often the biggest reason why people choose to move on their own. Hiring a mover makes the move more expensive. You can complete a DIY move at lower cost with some good planning, cooperation from employers, and helpful friends. To make sure that you save as much as you intend to, consider the expenses that may be included in moving with professionals, that you will now have to pay or do the task yourself. For example, truck rental is a major cost. Similarly, you must consider the cost of equipment, packing supplies, and time off from work. Most probably, all these expenses combined will be lesser than the cost of hiring a mover. However, is that all you need to make the DIY move worthwhile? That’s for you to decide.

3.      Flexibility with packing

Does anyone care if you shove all your items in one box? Yes, a professional moving company does. For less liability, they will need to be sure that all boxes are properly packed and neatly sealed.

Some people wish to completely skip the boxes and carry everything in their car. You could do that as a DIY mover. However, remember that moving companies often reduce liability by packing your belongings in a certain manner. Make sure that you pack the most valuable items (having sentimental or monetary value) separately from the rest of the items. You must pack these things just the way professional movers would.

Cons of Self Moving:

There are a number of drawbacks of moving yourself though as we have mentioned below:

1.      Lifting heavy weights

Not everyone can be a muscular powerlifter. Moving heavy items like furniture is not a single man’s job. If you don’t have bulky powerlifters friends who are also willing to help, then you may strain your muscles and back while lifting those heavy couches and cupboards.

In such cases, being strong isn’t always enough. Professional movers are aware of lifting techniques that make them look oddly strong when you see what they can move. These techniques provide them safety and leverage. Hence before you decide to move your heavy items, be confident that you know the best lifting techniques, so you don’t injure yourself.

2.      Unexpected situations and problems

Things don’t always go as planned, you may come across many problems when moving. When you move all by yourself, you will be stuck trying to figure out solutions. For example, what to do if your furniture doesn’t fit around corners? Are you going to have problems with parking the truck? Similarly, furniture teardown and setup without guides can be extremely difficult for people. Professional movers are experts in dealing with these problems. While you may take hours in finding a solution, they could do it in seconds.

3. Planning a move can be difficult

Hiring a mover requires some planning too. However, organizing the entire move yourself will require a lot of planning. You will need to figure out all the logistics of getting your things from one place to the other. You will also have to find out the best way to properly load the rented truck – you have to plan which items go in first and last, and how they should be arranged inside the moving truck.

4.      Risk of breaking or losing items

Professionals are aware of the ins and outs of what kind of boxes to use for different types of items, what kind of packaging material is needed for your belongings, what types of boxes are available at what prices, how to properly seal the boxes, how to stack them, and how to securely place them in the moving truck or car. On the other hand, you may spend all your time and effort in packing your things but improperly packaged boxes may cause breakage and disappointment too.

5.      Friends and family might not be willing to help

Even packing a small apartment could be a hideous task if you can’t find enough people to help you pack and move. Sometimes even the best of friends suddenly vanish into thin air when they hear that you’re planning to move. Hence along with finding time in your schedule for packing and moving, you will need to coordinate with your helpers, if there are any. Make sure you only ask those people for help who you can trust with the safety of your belongings during the move.

6.      Liability if someone gets hurt

Liability is a looming threat whether it’s hurting yourself or one of your helpers. If any of your family members, neighbors, or friends hurt themselves while helping you move, you may have to face serious liability issues and even a lawsuit on your hands.

Pros of Hiring a Professional Interstate Removalist:

As opposed to self-moving, you can opt for the safer option of hiring a professional interstate removalist that offers the following advantages:

1. You will not end up in the hospital

Apart from hurting someone else with your ill-preparedness, you can hurt yourself badly because of your overall negligence when you’re not sure about what you’re doing. As mentioned before, moving heavy things like beds, furniture, and couches is extremely difficult and requires either some appropriate equipment or multiple strong people. Remember that all of this effort will have to be made twice – moving out from your previous house and then moving into the new one. Hence, hiring professional movers can significantly reduce the chances of an injury.

2.Free up time to focus on more important things

There is a lot more to be done on the moving day apart from the moving itself. You might need to set up utility and cable service or need to get a new driving license. Perhaps you can better spend your time preparing the new house by making it move-in friendly. When professional movers take so much burden off your shoulders (literally), you can focus on other important things more efficiently. DIY moving will take up a lot of your time. The same job can be done much more quickly if you have a moving company come in and perform the tasks with the right equipment, right techniques, right resources, and the right moving truck.

By hiring interstate removalists, you will be able to get done with the entire process earlier than what you expected. Since a lot has to be done with the moving process, you might think you’d need more time to actually finish everything. However, when movers assist you in the task, you can definitely get done with all the work in less period of time. Once all your items are safely packed and sealed, the removals team will place the boxes in the moving truck or van and transport it to your new house with any breakages and damages.

3. Movers have the right equipment and know the right techniques

You might think the biggest task would be to move your entire bedroom furniture down three flights of stairs – but it could be worse when you realize you don’t have the IKEA-issued Allen wrench needed to dismantle the whole thing. The anxiety will kill you before the weight on your back. However, none of this will be an issue if you have your professional superhero movers for help. They will measure the items and have the right-sized truck available along with other hand tools. Often DIY movers rent smaller trucks that require more trips and forget about other tools that could help in moving the items.

4.      Everything is insured and covered

Can you really trust yourself with moving such valuable items? Of course, you can’t put all your faith in the movers either, but if they do break it, they buy it too. If you drop your television, you can’t exactly collect from yourself. However, professional and licensed moving companies have multiple coverage packages that ensure the safety of your belongings against any damage. When choosing the best moving company, you must always ask what insurance options they are offering. Hiring professional removals ensures that all your things, especially the bulky ones, remain completely safe throughout the moving process. They take all the important safety measures to transport your valuables including their own trucks where they stack your items safely. By hiring professional interstate removalists from Melbourne to Sydney, you can be sure that all your items will be placed in your new house without any damages.

5.      Saves you money in the long run

Most people hesitate in hiring professional movers because of the cost. Undoubtedly you must cut corners where possible and hiring movers is not really a life necessity, but you may actually save cash by allowing professionals to do the heavy lifting. This is because most of the times we underestimate the expenses of moving on our own. Your non-professionalism can cause loss of items, injury, or breakage. Similarly, you will have to arrange refreshments and dinner for your helpers. We often forget to add the costs of supplies and equipment we would need, the fuel expense of the moving truck, and all the time that we would waste while figuring out what to do.

6.Efficient and smooth

If you have chosen a legitimate and experienced moving team, you can be very sure about their reliability. Your friends may give up, but the movers are under contract to help you with all the signed aspects of your move. They will arrive on time with all the supplies you may need throughout, which means you don’t have to go around looking for furniture pads and dollies at the eleventh hour. Eventually, hiring a reputed interstate moving company will save you a lot of time and unnecessary effort.

7. Your friends and family will not hate you

No matter how helpful your friends and family members are, they will hate helping you move because it is indeed a tiring and stressful process. So, it’s best to keep all of them happy by just inviting them at the housewarming party, not the moving part.

8.Stress-free move

Overall, hiring movers will save you from many worries that come with the process of moving. Along with saving a lot of your precious time, you will save yourself from maneuvering a huge moving truck down the highway – they can be quite challenging to drive. If the idea of loading and driving a moving truck makes you anxious, then hiring professional interstate removalists is the best choice to make.

Cons of Hiring a Professional Interstate Removalist:

There are drawbacks with every option that you have in life and the same applies to the case of hiring an interstate removalist.

1.Fixed Moving Cost:

Perhaps the only deal-breaker for hiring a mover is that it has a cost associated with it. Though most professional interstate removalists will not charge you for value-added services such as packing materials and planning, there is still a fixed cost associated with the packing and moving of items. The actual cost you incur for moving depends on the type and complexity of your move but generally, it is not something that will leave you broke. So, if budget is not much of an issue then hiring an interstate removalist is an absolute no-brainer.

2.Keeping yourself synched with the schedule:

One other drawback of hiring an interstate removalist is that you lose out on the freedom of working with your own schedule. Even though most movers provide a flexible schedule to you, there is no rescheduling the ‘moving day’ and therefore, you need to keep yourself synched with the schedule provided to you by the removalist so that everything is ready for the big day.


The ultimate choice between moving yourself or hiring a professional interstate removalist is yours. However, when we weigh the advantages and disadvantages of both of these options, it is obvious that hiring a mover is a better choice for most individuals, especially if they are moving interstate or if their move is a complex one. Save yourself from injury, protect your items from being damaged, and avoid the stress of moving by hiring an interstate removalist for your move!