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Moving Ideas That Can Make Your Life Easier

Moving house or office is one of the most hectic experiences of one’s life and yes everyone knows it. So what the big deal here! First of all, moving is obviously not a piece of cake; a large number of people are terrified of the idea of moving everything from one state to the other. It is even very scary to imagine. Thinking of all the packing, loading and unloading of heaving things and transporting them from one place to another makes people change their decision of moving. Lots of people don’t know that they can make moving easy and stress-free if they use some simple tricks. This article is all about those tricks and after reading it you will realize that life is so simple if know few hacks. So, here we go …

1. Get Organized Timely

Never leave anything on the last minute. Nobody knows whether you have to leave in hurry or not so it is better to plan everything before 30 days of moving to make everything run smoothly. You should create a list of items and follow it weekly before moving to new state. It is the nature of humans that they don’t bother to take initiative unless they have to too. You must be proactive rather than reactive. There is also a confusion where to start the moving mission. Some says you should find a reputation services or pack your stuff but the first thing you should do is to plan. Just don’t do anything and write about you moving plan. It is important to write your plans because it is the best way to follow it otherwise you will keep on modifying it in your mind until the day of moving will arrive.  This tip has nothing to do with physical effort. It is about your mental preparation because it is very crucial for you to keep you head straight.

2. Figure Out Your Move Strategy

How to move from one place to the other should be planned properly. If you are moving with shorter distance you should arrange some friends and trucks for a day or according to your need. If you have a larger family or you are going to move to a place with larger distance, then it is better to consult with company for their services. If you are moving few blocks away or within your city, then you don’t need to worry too much because you can take lots of stuff on you own by through your own car. You can also take help from friend and ask them to take few rounds with you. In this way you can take sensitive and precious item easily and safely to your new place. For heavy items you will obviously need a bigger vehicle and here you will have to call goods transportation company. If you are moving to a different state then you will have to take all stuff together and therefore you will need a bigger truck or trucks to carry your stuff in one time. If the weather is cloudy then you should get close-roof truck otherwise, you can go with open truck as they carry big stuff rather easily. But, this type of trucks is hard to find. So, you moving strategy depends on your circumstances but whatever your situation is you should figure out your strategy well before the moving day and it is highly recommended to write it down.

3. Keep Your Movers In The Ring

Everybody knows boxes are something smaller it doesn’t need so much tension but when it comes to heavier stuff then it is necessary to ask someone for help. You should consult to your moving company and explain your expectations from them before booking. Your mover should know even very minor things so that they can make a proper estimate of time and cost for your move. It means you have to inform about heavy items such as fridge and piano and also inform them that you need help in assembling and disassembling of furniture. One of the biggest mistake that most people make is that they don’t communicate with their movers. Good movers like Interstate Removalists ask everything from their client on their own and keep them engaged but not all movers are like that. You have to explain each and every thing to them. It is recommended to give them a tour to your house so they can judge what sort of vehicles and how many vehicles they will need on moving day. They will also charge you accordingly.

Here is one tip to get discount from moving company. You should rearrange your stuff closely in a manner that they look less. You can put all decorative items in draws and hide few small stuff in-between bigger things. In this way when moving company assess your situation they will give you lesser rate as they will though you don’t have too many things to move. But, make sure to keep bigger things in front because if they don’t see it they will not be able to figure out right size of the vehicle required and consequently both you and your company will suffer on the day of moving.

4. Choose The Right Transportation

If you are intending to move a short distance you can make more than one trip to carry your goods. If you don’t have such facility, then you need to arrange a truck in which you can easily carry all your goods in a single trip. It is very important to choose the right transportation especially when you are moving to a longer distance because several trips may cause problems. Consider the following guidelines when you are choosing a truck for transportation:

  • Mostly furniture of a single bedroom can be adjusted in 16′ cube truck that are available on rent
  • In case of two or three bedrooms you need 24′-26′ truck for complete move in one go
  • All other goods of a house can be moved in 24′ truck by one or two trips

5. Grab The Opportunity To Remove

Moving is a greater chance of organizing your belongings and throw all the items or things that you don’t need. You should hold a yard sale. Or it is better to donate your extra clothing for goodwill. You can also put your extra furniture on sale or recycle catalogues and magazines. Here is very important psychological benefit of moving. You can think of this whole moving project as an opportunity to get lighter. We all have dozens, if not hundreds, of things that we don’t need or use but we just keep it in our lockers, living rooms, stores, and garages just because we may need them one day. Guess what, you will never need them and when you will they will not be in condition to help you. So the best thing is to give these things to those who need them today. It is a very good practice and has lots of benefits. First of all it will create your good image, you will get emotional satisfaction, your bong with people will become stronger and it will make your moving project relatively easy and less hectic.

6. Put Together A Packing Kit

You should be organized in a case when more than one person is packing. You can prepare inventory sheets so that every person can easily tackle his assigned room or rooms. Provide every packer a black marker, pen and packing materials such as boxes, newspaper and packing tape to pack his assigned room. It is a very small tip but it can save you from a serious trouble during packing. It is very frustrating to go from one room to another just to pick the packing tape or a pair of scissors. This type of thing make people irritated during moving and they make big mistakes in the heat of the moment.

7. Green Your Move

While packing things you may get lots of content that need to be wasted such as newspaper, cardboard and bubble wrap. For this you need to use plastic bins and keep them in closets until you are free to deal with it. You can consult any company to provide you this facility or you can wrap breakables in old linen. If you don’t know, you can get some money from some of these materials. There are lots of recycling companies in Sydney who pay for old cardboards, newspapers, metal and plastic. You can call them and get rid of these things. It is the best to remove all these things from home without spending a single penny but you must have this wasted material in reasonable quantity. You can make spate boxes for these wasted material and if no one comes to pick it then you can always dumb these things in garbage can. In some areas of Australia there are recycling bin. You can put these boxes there and authorities will take care of them from there.

8. Smart Boxes

You will need cardboard boxes to complete your moving process. You should get such boxes from the grocery shop nearby few weeks before packing. Prefer smaller boxes as they are easy to carry specially when getting on stairs or through narrow path. Cardboard boxes are also reusable. You can open them after moving and place them in storage room. They don’t get wasted until you keep them away from water and moister. You can even use one box for several years therefore you should thing of it as an investment rather than expense.

9. Take Inventory

To take inventory is very necessary when you are going to hire a moving company. You need to make a list of household items in order to prevent missing of any item. You should keep a spreadsheet of contents of every box then you should assign number to every box and then you should write that number in the lists. It seems like very technical thing but it is not because it is just a list of boxes and items in them. You don’t need to list each and every item because it will be very difficult. You can mention only bigger and important things. It is important to mention every box in it because you will have to check whether every box has arrived at your new location or not.

10. Label Everything

You need to label all sides of boxes but don’t label the top. The person carrying these boxes will easy read the number no matter from which side he can. Label each side of the box with the marker to find out the number easily. Smart labelling the best way to go. Now the question is what is smart labelling. You should write name of room to every box. For example, everything from kitchen you should go in separate boxes and all those boxes should be labelled as “Kitchen-crockery”, “Kitchen-cabinet” and “Kitchen-miscellaneous”. In this way you will be able to unpack your boxes quickly and easily. You will not need to open all boxes just to find out which box will go where. You should also make an arrow sign on every side of the box to make sure that when a person lifts a box he knows how to lift it and how to place it.

11. Find Out Your Condo Rules

Your destination should be in your mind during the moving process. There are actually some rules for moving in some building. You must know those rules.  If you are moving to a condo or flat in a building, then you should be extra vigilant. It is not easy to move into condo like pulling up the front door and carrying your boxes through elevator. You should check the moving policy first before planning to move. Some condos do not allow movement on Sunday. Mostly condo will ask for fee deposit to book an elevator. The fee may range from $100 to $500 depending on the policy and rules. So, visit your new destination before moving and gather all information about moving policies, prices to use elevators, size of doors and elevators, and height of roof.

12. Pack In Things You Need To Pack

You should take your luggage with you by using a box. Same is for dresser drawers. You should remove them for transport in case you don’t have to move larger distance they will surely be helpful for lighter items. For delicate apparel you need to use a portable wardrobe box. Thing about it, you will not unpack your stuff right after reaching your home. You will take few hours or even a day to relax. You will need cloths and bathing material during that resting time and you should have these things in separate luggage bag. You should move this special bag in your own car. You can even move to a nearby hotel with this bag in case of any emergency.

13. Prepare A Moving Day Kit

Prepare a box and keep it aside that you need specifically on moving day it should contain light bulbs, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, a change of clothes, your toiletry bag, water bottle, some snacks, tissue papers, and garbage bags. You should also keep some regular medicines for headache, muscle fatigue, depression, and vomiting in your hand bag. These medicines can save the day and try to not eat excessively on moving day as it will disturb your stomach and this is the last thing you want on that day.

You can add as many things in it as you want because every person has his own nature and preferences. Parents with small kids should make extra bag for their kids. But, all these bags should be small enough to carry easily. You done want to carry too many heavy products with yourself on the moving day.

14. Get Ready For Movers: Friends Or Hired Ones

You should be ready before your movers or friends arrive at the day of moving. You should have packed everything before the hire movers arrive in order to save your time and money. Once movers arrive at you home they will not wait for packing. They will just start to load stuff as they usually have to go somewhere else. You should not make them wait them cocky and you don’t want to deal with cocky people on your moving day.

15. Protect Your Valuables

You should find a safe place to keep your valuables on the day of moving. You should keep breakable and valuable things in a safer place before using a moving company. It is recommended to move those valuables one day before moving and lock your new house. If your new neighbourhood is not very safe then you should take those valuable with you on moving day.

16. Hire Experts

Those are intending for a massive move can take the services of expert administrative removalists. As they aim in doing everything including interstate moving and transferring. What you have to do is just tell them your demands and they will definitely do it. As we all are familiar with the fact that moving is such a trouble and requires a lot of energy as well as money. It has been labelled as stressful activity to shift your house or office because one has to lift heavy things and do extremely boring task of packing. But there is a way to release your stress and that is to call interstate removalists to make your shifting easier. The expert interstate removalists Sydney will move either your few boxes or your heavy loads of furniture. Interstate removalists will clear all your phobias.

A wide coverage of interstate removalists makes their services accessible for everyone. They work harder and make sure whether you are getting the best of their services. Relocating is such a boring task until you get the right training and equipment that they have. They claim that you will definitely feel the difference right from the time when you will contact with their team for interstate removals Sydney.

Interstate Removalists To The Rescue

It is overfall to hire interstate removals. It will be a wiser decision to hire experts to get help in moving from one state to the other state of country such as from Sydney to Melbourne. It doesn’t matter to which state do you belong or whatever your destination is, the interstate removalists are available for you on your call.

Some of the services of interstate removalists are as under:

Removalists Sydney to Melbourne. Those who intend to move from Sydney to Melbourne are always finding an answer to their question that how they can move?  The expert team of interstate is the answer to their question as they will fulfil their relocation needs. Their partial or complete services can be utilized that include packing and unpacking too.

Removalists Sydney to Canberra. The interstate removalists provide services to move from Sydney to Canberra. They take pride in what makes them different and are very much good as compared to other service providers in the market.

Removalists Sydney to Brisbane. It is a very complex endeavour to relocate from one state to the other. The team of interstate experts is specialised in home and office relocation for a new start in the state of Brisbane.

Interstate removalists Sydney to Perth. It is a very tedious task to move from Sydney to Perth that requires a lot of effort. The interstate removalists’ team better understand this and are ready to take away the hard tasks from you.

Interstate removalists Sydney to Adelaide. It will be a new experience to start with a new workplace and a new home in Adelaide and is full of opportunities to meet new friends and colleagues. The removalists’ team aim to make your new journey very enjoyable and to take away all your stress.

All these tips and trick are very simple and easy to follow but they can help you to get out of mind and soul munching experience without anxiety, stress and muscle fatigue.