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Interstate Removalists and Why DIY is a No-No

Moving from one state to another needs the expertise of professional interstate removalists. Relocation is a hefty venture that should not and will never be a DIY task to begin with. You need the tools, the packing materials, the vehicles, and even the storage facility if needed. The good news is that you can find various licensed and trusted removalists for your move from Sydney to Canberra to any other parts of Australia.


Downsides of DIY Moves
The idea of uprooting everything and transferring to another location is stressful. However, you can make it less so if you know what to do. The idea of hiring interstate removalists is one of the most practical and sure ways to ensure a worry-free relocation. DIY moving is a thing of the past. In the last few years, people have been moving on their own and the results are terribly worrisome and really bad. Thus, the DIY moves also paved the way for interstate removals companies to become more popular options today. Why?

Here are some of the notable downsides of do-it-yourself moving:


Time Consuming – No Joke!
One of the top disadvantages of moving on your own is that it would definitely consume a big chunk of your time. In fact, it is a total waste of time. You could still do a lot of other important things than doing the packing and organising. If you are moving a household, then it would take you weeks and even months to finish the task. You just might have to organise everything round the clock just to make it on your scheduled move.

Why go through all these when you can simply hire professional removalists? This option saves you a huge amount of time. Depending on your requested service, the moving specialists could help with the packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking. You can do other stuffs and worry less about the entire process getting delayed or cancelled because you have professionals to help.


No More Inconveniences – For Real!
Moving is a form of discomfort in so many levels. You are getting out of your comfort zone to begin with so it is definitely inconvenient especially with DIY moves. Interstate removalists take the discomforts off the table. They take charge of the move including the difficult labour-heavy tasks. You don’t need to lift or carry your heavy stuffs especially the furniture pieces. Professional removalists interstate also safely and carefully pack and load fragile items for your convenience. You focus on important moving issues and have peace of mind that your belongings are safe and sound.


You Have the Moving Equipment – Wait, You Don’t!
Unless you are a professional mover yourself, it is most likely you lack the necessary moving equipment for your DIY move. Take note that moving requires different types of moving equipment, packing supplies, moving tools, and most especially a moving vehicle. Interstate removalists have all the things that you need and so much more.

With DIY moves, chances are you would only improvise and this is a dangerous route. You cannot use just any cardboard boxes or cartons to pack your belongings. You need industry-grade moving cartons and materials to reduce the risk of damage and protect your stuffs at all times during the move. Moving with ease and safety requires the appropriate moving carrier or transporter as well. Thus, even if you can invest on moving supplies, what are you going to do with the moving vehicle? Renting a moving vehicle is not a good option since you would still have to drive and operate the vehicle, load and unload your stuffs.

Why go through all these when you can simply call interstate removalists, hire their services, and get the hassle-free move you so deserve?


DIY Moves are Downright Unsafe – No Doubt!
Going through all the hustle and bustle of moving is not just inconvenient. It is also extremely dangerous and risky. Professional interstate removalists have the experience, training, equipment, gear, insurance, and license to do their job. You don’t have any of these with DIY moves. You cannot lift and carry heavy furniture and other stuffs. You might risk a really bad back injury and other problems. That would be the last thing you want when you move.


How to Organise a Stress-Free Move
Moving is a new and exciting chapter of your life. Whether you are relocating for personal or career-related reasons, the entire process should be something to look forward to. For most people however, moving is full of pressure and stress especially with DIY moves. Make your relocation worry-free and enjoyable. Turning a new leaf through relocation is a positive event in your life, not something that you dread and would rather miss.


Here are some practical and helpful ways on how to turn your move from a laborious ordeal to an amazing journey:

  • Plan Ahead. This is the top secret how you can skip the stress and all the unnecessary pressures. Make your pre-move research even with months and weeks before your scheduled relocation. You can do your research online or consult with professional interstate removalists. Make your checklist about the things you need to do. You must also have a shortlist of the removalists to hire as moving interstate is not a DIY task.
  • Hire the Pros. You can definitely do the move on your own or skip the worries and hire professional movers instead. The great news is that there are numerous interstate removalists available today. However, you must make sure that you only hire licensed, insured, and experienced service providers. You can make your background check of the company online or ask for recommendation and referral from family, friends, and colleagues.
  • Finalize your Plans. Do not dilly-dally on your decision. Once you have found the best among today’s interstate removalists, book their services on your scheduled trip. Reputable companies provide all the necessary assistance to their clients from the pre-move to the unloading and unpacking of your stuffs in their designated rooms. All you have to do is make the necessary arrangements and they will do the rest.

Simplify your move with the help of interstate removalists. Moving is a horrendous ordeal especially if you don’t take the right track. Sit back, relax, and see your stuffs get packed, loaded, transported, unloaded, and unpacked to your new home or office. There are lots of interstate removalists with their offered moving services. Pick the removals package you need that suit your budget and you are good to go, anytime, anywhere in Australia.


Discard the DIY Idea and Look for Interstate Removalists
The real challenge for those who are looking for an interstate removalist is in choosing and hiring the best service provider. There are plenty of removals companies available but not all of them could deliver the high quality service you are looking for. Check out some of the important qualities that interstate removalists should have:


Professional Removalist Team
Interstate removals require the skills and knowledge to do the task with seamless efficiency for quality results. Therefore, you need to choose a company with certified licensed and insured manpower. Different interstate removalists have their own rules and regulations when it comes to training their moving teams. You can check how they train their people and update their services through their workforce. Hire removalists that have the dedication to ensure customer satisfaction and deliver great performance in their task. You can also check feedbacks from other customers just to be sure.


Wide Removalist Network
For interstate removalists, a national network is necessary in order to perform their task with efficiency and hassle-free moving solutions. It is important that the company offers the infrastructure to perform and support their interstate removals processes wherever you plan to move. You don’t get this with DIY moving. They have different networks that stretch across Australia including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Darwin, Cairns, Townsville, Adelaide, Hobart, and Perth.


Guaranteed Eco-Friendly Removals
It may not be that obvious but moving could have huge impact on the environment. From the packing materials to the transportation phase, these processes have high carbon footprints to start with. The best interstate removalists are those that utilize recycled materials for the packaging service and practises fuel efficiency and responsible driving. You are 100% sure that you can move with clean and green moving solutions.


Most Competitive Removals Solutions
The cost of moving interstate is definitely nerve-wracking. Avoid the horrendously hefty bills and expenses through finding the right interstate removalist. Cost effective services start with getting a reliable quote with no hidden costs. Dependable and reputable interstate removalists are those that provide moving solutions with on time and high quality results on a budget. They strike a balance between affordability and quality in their removals services.


Expert, Experienced, Licensed, Insured
These basically sum up the things that you should be looking for in removalists Sydney to Melbourne to any other parts of Australia. The most trusted interstate removalists are those that have the experience and expertise in their field. You can narrow down your choices through looking into the years of service they have rendered in the industry. The longer the company is in their business, the more experience and expertise they offer. Make sure you also check the authenticity of their proof of license and insurance.


Organise your Move with these Interstate Removalists Solutions
Why venture into the horrendous world of DIY moves when there are lots of removalist solutions to choose from? Take a look at some of the moving services you can get from today’s reliable and certified interstate removalists:


Backloading Moves
Backloading seems an odd idea for those that have not yet tried this type of service. The core concept of backloading is that you are piggybacking your stuffs onto other removals. It may also mean that you are sharing the removals truck with others especially across long distance moves. Interstate removalists specializing in backloading moves provide reliable services that could accommodate any loads of any sizes to destinations of your choice. Backloading is an easy and budget-saving way to move huge and heavy stuffs when you relocate. It could also open new and more convenient ways to move compared to the traditional methods.

Interstate backloading services are available as well as domestic and corporate requests. Transport a wide range of products and access the following removalist solutions:

  • interstate removalists and deliveries for retailers of furniture
  • imports and exports including to and from the required shipping docks
  • office relocations and other corporate moves
  • goods for exhibitions and trade shows
  • delivery of goods from furniture manufacturers to their clients


Pre-Packing and Furniture Packing
A lot of interstate removalists provide pre-packing and furniture packing solutions especially for long distance moves. It is important to properly and safely pack the items particularly the fragile and breakable ones. The packing service team is in charge of arranging the collection and packing them according to your requested service and instruction. The service may or may not include provision of the moving boxes.

  • t-chest cartons
  • picture cartons
  • lounge covers and mattress wraps
  • book and wine cartons

Interstate removalists have high quality, safe and reliable cartons and packing materials. You do not have access to these industry-grade and purpose-designed cartons with DIY moves.


Car Transport for Interstate Moves
One of the perks that you cannot get with DIY moves is the use of effective and safe car transport. You can have your vehicle moved across Australia with the help of Interstate removalists Sydney to Brisbane, Melbourne, and other locations. Moving to another state requires hiring the latest and most dependable car transporter for your vehicle. You can find removalists with transporters, multiple and single vehicle carriers, and specialized equipment for the moving process.


Why hire car transport interstate removalists instead of DIY moves?
Prestige motorcycles and vehicles should be handled with utmost care, to say the least. Moving from one state to another could put your vehicle at risk. You can prevent damages on your precious car or motorcycle through hiring interstate removalists with top notch car transporters. These facilities are designed especially for the latest fleets of vehicles that need the best care and protection during a move.


Important Reminder with Car Transport Services
Most interstate removalists only transport 100% running vehicles. Consult with your preferred removalist to know their terms and conditions. Car transport services generally follow basic rules such emptying your vehicle of all items and possessions before travelling. Vehicles must also have ground clearance. Different vehicles are quoted based on their length, type, and model. Therefore classic and standard vehicles have different quotes from prestige and luxury cars and motorcycles.


Interstate Furniture Removals vs. DIY Moves
One of the most important features of interstate removalists is their interstate furniture removals service. In order to provide premier transport solutions, you need an extensive fleet of top notch heavy duty trailers and carriers. Different furniture items and fragile pieces require a different packing, loading, and unloading approach. These stuffs also require the latest furniture transporters in order to arrive to their destination safe and in tip top condition.


How to save on furniture removals?
Transporting huge and heavy furniture pieces is not just a big ordeal. It may also be quite heavy on the pocket. However, there are various options you can take if you want a budget-friendly furniture removal service. Check the different furniture removal rates of today’s interstate removalists. You can also try backloading your furniture pieces. Piggyback your furniture onto other items in one transport service and pay only for the space that your item occupies.


Taking Care of All Types of Furniture Piece
Interstate removalists understand how important and valuable your stuffs are. Thus, they take extra careful measures in order to transport your stuffs no matter how bulky and heavy they may be. There are various packing materials used for furniture removals including bubble wraps and industry-grade moving boxes.

Furniture removals are unique and flexible systems, allowing you to customize the process according to your moving preferences and budget. The first step to a worry-free furniture move is to call and consult with trusted interstate removalists in your area.


No Furniture Storage with DIY Moving
On top of moving, there are also other services you can access from contemporary removalists interstate companies that you cannot enjoy with DIY moves. For instance, storage facilities are available if you need to have some of your stuffs temporarily stashed away for as long as you want. Reputable interstate removalists offer effective and secure warehouse storage with different features. It depends on the type of storage facility you requested.

When it comes to moving anywhere in Australia, always remember not to DIY. It is never worth the stress. Modern interstate removalists have all the moving solutions you need for a stress-free and exciting new adventure. A trusted and expert removalist interstate company is just a call away. Consult with the moving specialists now for all your relocation needs!