interstate removalist on a budget

How to move interstate on a budget

Moving your house or office from one state in Australia to another could be a real struggle, especially with a limited time and budget.

A lot of families mostly find moving difficult because they have households filled with appliances and furniture which require packing and unpacking. While there are professional movers to do this job, they might not always be affordable for everyone.

Therefore quite often people have thousands of questions as to how can they move interstate without spending too much. Before we move forward to answer this, let’s consider these statistics: the Australia Bureau of Statistics revealed that during 2014-2015, around 339,000 people from different states of Australia moved interstate. Hence, there are many people out there having the same questions and problems that you do.

To your relief, there are some less-costly methods for moving interstate. Even if you have a lot of furnishings, you do not have to worry if you’re ready to invest in some hard work, creativity, and research before you move.


The good news for you is that there are a number of brilliant alternatives that will cost much lesser than hiring professional movers that offer their services for Australians who need to move interstate. While not all options are the best for everyone, they can still help you in controlling moving costs. These options include:

Your First Step Is To Downsize As Much As Possible!

Before you can figure out methods of moving your things, you first need to know what exactly you have to move. As you can guess, the more the number of items you have to take from one place to another, the higher the cost of moving. You should keep in mind that regardless of the moving method you choose, your costs will be based on the size and the distance that you have to cover. Obviously, you do not really have any control over the distance, hence you need to take as much care of the size as possible, so that the overall process is cheaper.

If there is a less number of large electronics, no bulky furniture, etc. and you are able to pack all your things in a few boxes only, you will be able to open up to moving options that will be for lesser than $100.

Next Step Is To Get Free Out Of State Moving Quotes:

Most people believe that if they are on a budget then they cannot afford to hire an interstate removalists or moving service. You might be asking yourself: I cannot afford them which is why I am reading this blog! Let us clear this misconception for you – there are cheap interstate removalistsout there that might just work out for you within your limited budget! How can you find out? Simple. Just fill out the form that these interstate movers have on their website and get a free quote for your moving job! Most of the renowned removalists services in the country such as InterstateRemovalists.Sydneywill offer you a free quote for your job by taking into account the services that you require, the timeframe that you have, and your budget restrictions as well.

Sometimes, a moving company will be offering a special discount or a promotion that will make them affordable for you. On other occasions, you might be just confused about how much these movers actually charge for offering simple services such as transportation or packing. You might even get a hold of an amazing moving package for a price of less than $500! The point that we are trying to make here is that despite your restricted budget, you can afford a removalists service for your move!

At the very least, you should get free quotes from some of the well-known and reliable movers out there such as InterstateRemovalists.Sydney so that you have an idea of exactly how much they charge. After all, it is free to try! If it works out, then you will acquire a moving service for within your budget. If it does not, there is always a plan B!

Sell, Then Buy Anew:

Just sell all your furniture before you leave your old location, and buy new items when you reach your new house. This method is quite good for retirees, students, and single people, but not so doable for families who own heirlooms and valuable belongings.

Hire Your Own Truck:

It is always good to have your own truck for the process and it’s not something difficult because there are many hire-truck companies that are readily available with their services. The modern hire trucks are simpler to drive as they usually contain automatic transmissions. If you go for this option, you will have to load and unload your furniture and other items by yourself.

Hire A Trailer:

A hire trailer usually costs lesser than a truck, so you can always go for it if your vehicle is capable of pulling a trailer. At the same time, it can incur higher fuel costs and not be very fun if you have a long distance to cover and you aren’t used to it.

Why Hire When You Can Borrow!

An even better option is to borrow a truck or trailer for the weekend if you have a friend or family member who owns it. If someone you know can lend you their truck or trailer, you will be able to cut down all the hire fees. Don’t forget to full its tank of petrol before you send it back, as a thanking gesture to your friend.

It’s important to remember that doing everything on your own can sometimes be costlier than you have planned it to be. There might be unforeseen costs on the road as along with fuel, you might have to spend on meals and hotel rooms where you’d stay. You might also have to take an off from work. These costs are usually ignored by people while they’re planning the move so the process may not turn out to be as cheap as expected. Therefore, make sure you keep these things on your mind and choose what feels to bethe best for you.

Hire A Pods Container:

There exists a very cheap alternative to hiring professional movers and trucks. PODS might be exactly what you need to eliminate all the hassle from your moving process. A PODS container is basically a cargo container for your belongings. We will deliver a POD at your place and you can load and pack it by yourself. This will cut down labor costs as well. Our skilled driver will then pick it up and carry it to your new location.

By using PODS container, you can enjoy your road trip with your family instead of carrying a trailer on kilometers of unfamiliar and new roads. By using these containers, you can have a leisurely road trip and have your households waiting for you when you reach your new home.

You can simply start with unloading the container, unpacking, and setting your new home.

Don’t Waste Money On Moving Supplies You Can Get For Free:

You have earned every penny with a lot of hard work, therefore make sure you don’t throw it away on expensive moving boxes and other packing materials – you can get all of this free of cost. This can be easily done if you start preparing our move far before the actual process. You can collect packing paper, padding materials, and moving boxes from everyday items that you buy. Moreover, if you are amongst those who change homes frequently, you can always reuse the packing and padding stuff that you have brought once. It is also a good idea to avoid moving pads and use clothes, comforters, and blankets for the same purpose.

Avoid Moving During Peak Season For Lower Costs & Better Deals:

Moving companies often offer great discounts and deals during late fall until late spring.

Amongst many others, one of the biggest advantage of getting free moving quotes is that you find out about some amazing deals and discounts that are being offered by different removalists.

What Is The Cheapest Time Of Year To Move?

Moving companies usually charge low during school days, so you can save a good amount if you do not move during winter or summer breaks. Generally, moving companies have a lot of business throughout the summers. Hence you are very likely to get quite cheaper rates during spring, winter, and fall. The interstate movers need more customers during these months so they offer specials, discounts, and promotions that can give them business and help you save a lot. There are multiple moving companies in every state, so compare free quotes from them and find out the one offering best deal that costs significantly lesser than others. On a longer move, this can lead you to save even hundreds.

Make Movers & Rental Companies Compete For Your Business:

Competition leads to reduced prices, and this concept can be quite useful to you. For example, you can contact Company A and tell that you liked their service but Company B offered you a lower price, so you want to be provided with the best quote. This will definitely make Company A think about offering a price lower than its competitor. The idea can work even better if the company you want to hire costs you just slightly higher than the competitor you’re talking about. You can talk to the company you want to hire and request them for a price-match, or even better, beat the price of other companies you have contacted to. Most companies will not refuse.

Cut Down On Over-night Costs During Your Move:

The place you choose for temporary stay is very important because you will be spending some money on that too. For long journeys, you will most likely need a place to sleep unless you are going to end the process in one day/night or know someone who can let you stay at their place along your way. Make sure you have all of this figured out ahead of time and you are aware of the hotels or motels you have to stay at.

Generally, motels cost lesser in medium-sized towns. It is always goof to book the rooms in advance by finding deals online ahead of time. This can cut down the staying costs even more. Make sure you avoid any surprise by reading reviews online and being aware of room conditions and quality. For those who are on a really tight budget and prefer it being as cheap as possible, you can search for some couch surfing pals online who you can crash with along the way.

Here are some cheaper alternatives if you don’t want to stay in a motel:

  • Family and friends who can give you a room or bed so you can rest along your way.
  • com: To find people across the United States who are offering a couch for you to crash on for a night.

Don’t Forget To Plan Out Your Move!

The best and the most important advice you need to take for cutting down unwanted moving costs, is to plan ahead of time. If you plan out your state move properly, you will definitely save a lot of money throughout the process, regardless of the transportation method you choose.

Below is a list of some major things that you should plan ahead:

  • moving deals, specials, and discounts
  • utilities needed in your new home
  • what will you eat during the move
  • how will you move your furniture out of state
  • how will everything be lifted, moved, and loaded
  • where are you going to stay until you can stay at your new location
  • if there are things you need to pack, make a packing schedule and keep yourself organized
  • weather forecasts and if you need to take any special measures for safety
  • special arrangements for disabled, pets, or kids

Get A Job In Another State Before You Move:

An excellent way to lighten the moving budget is to look for employment opportunities in the state or city you’re moving in, before you actually shift there.

A lot of people move interstate because they have a new job in another state, but if that’s not the case, you will definitely need a new job to pay the movers and bills when you reach. Therefore, find out potential employers in your new state and take time out to set up interviews with them so you can avoid the stress associated with paying and settling in the new place.


On an ending note, there are several techniques and tricks that you can make use to cut down the costs of moving interstate. We have highlighted some of the most effective ones in this blog post so that you can reduce the costs of your move. For saving money in your interstate move; you can downsize the amount of items that have to be transported by adopting a sell and buy technique, try out burrowing instead of hiring, hire your own vehicles (instead of opting for a moving company), make use of the resources available with family and friends, get a job in the state that you are moving to, and avoid moving during peak seasons. If you are looking for ainterstate removalists service that can provide you with high quality moving services at a very low cost then try out InterstateRemovalists.Sydney. The renowned moving service offers a wide range of moving services and packages that are not only affordable but suitable for all types of moves – no matter how big or small they may be. You can get a free quote for your move by calling them right away!