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Fundamentals of Interstate Removals: Top Things to Consider

An interstate move is a complex and oftentimes stressful endeavour, whether it is in residential or commercial settings. It is quite unnerving to uproot from your old address to an entirely new place and environment. You need to get help from the experts of interstate removals. The good news is that you have professional service providers available today. It is important to enlist the assistance of interstate removalists weeks or even months before your scheduled move. In order to have a smooth and worry-free relocation, there are salient things to highly consider.


Top Considerations for Interstate Removals

One of the first things you need to consider when relocating from one state to another is the pre-trip research. Unless you have a trusted referral, make sure that you know who and when to get help from the pros in interstate removals. Knowledge about the moving process helps you prepare for the huge job ahead. Expert removalists facilitate the move, giving their customers valuable tips regarding the move. They also help you deal with certain situations in the duration of the move.

Here are some of the most important things to consider for successful and stress-free interstate removals:


  1. Changing your Physical Address

Relocation is technically a process of moving from one physical location to another. It is not just changing your address nonetheless. It is also completing a lot of paperwork and complying with the required documents in order to officially confirm your new address. Hiring an interstate removals company facilitates this important phase in the moving process. You also need to notify your relatives, friends, colleagues, and others about your new address. The notification of your change of address is also applicable to important services such as your doctor, dentist, and accountant, among many others.


About the Change of Address Checklist

The help of interstate removals companies make sure that your change of address is smoothly and easily carried over. According to the advice and guideline of moving experts, making a checklist would further help in a fast and simplified change of address task. These are the variables that must be included in your checklist:


Government Agencies

Notify the government agencies that you regularly come in contact with. You need to inform these departments that you are changing your address so that they can redirect important mails and documents that must be sent to you such as the following:


  • Austral Post retail outlet
  • Australian Tax Office or ATO (small business licenses and tax returns)
  • Australian Electoral Commission
  • Local library memberships
  • Welfare (veterans affairs, seniors cards, Centrelink etc.)
  • Car registrations and driving licenses departments
  • Medicare
  • Council rates, memberships, and registrations



Your medical and healthcare provider is notified if you are moving to another state in Australia. Professional interstate removals companies are trained and experienced in this task. They can do the notification to different medical and healthcare agencies, including:

  • Dentist
  • Orthodontist
  • General practitioner
  • Personal trainer
  • Chiropractor
  • Private health insurance
  • Veterinarian



The interstate removals service provider offers an all-in package for their customers. All you have to do is hire an interstate removalist in order to take care of everything. The services you can get may start from planning to packing to transporting to unloading in your new location. Notification of change of address is facilitated for the following:

  • Gas account
  • Home phone
  • Electricity account
  • Pay TV
  • Mobile phone
  • VoIP/Internet



Inform other important entities regarding your change of address. The interstate removals company helps you with the task of notifying:

  • Work and School
  • Banks, credit unions, and credit cards
  • Family and friends
  • Clubs
  • Financial (accountant, financial advisor)
  • Loyalty programs/store membership
  • Gym memberships
  • Subscriptions
  • Catalogues
  • E-tags, mechanics, tolls
  • Lawyer
  • Pet microchip registry
  • Superannuation memberships

The address change checklist is a flexible one. You can consult with professional interstate removals experts regarding other important organisations to notify depending on your needs. For families with pets and kids, include in your checklist some groups that concern these factors. For pets, the registration address should also be changed particularly with the local councils. They could get loose and picked up and registering could help authorities find them.


  1. Downsize your Belongings

Moving is a difficult task to do but it is made easier with the help of interstate removals services. There are a lot of tips you can get from expert movers. However, the most practical of them all is the term downsizing. How do you reduce the stuffs you need to move during a home relocation? Downsize. It means getting rid of the stuffs that you could discard and leave behind.

The best interstate removals solutions do not necessarily start with the organisation of the things that should be packed and moved. It starts with categorising your stuffs and labelling ones that should be taken and the ones that could be discarded and disposed.


The Trend of Minimalism

Downsizing means having a minimalistic lifestyle. Modern design concepts are even highlighted in modern home designs. There are lots of minimalist furniture, websites, and other trends available. Having lesser stuffs is the main concept of the minimalism ideology and practice. This makes the task of interstate removals so much easier when the time comes for you to make that big move.

The notion of downsizing is practical and downright makes sense. There are little stuffs you need to address during the interstate removals process. One of the best ways to downsize is to have a garage sale.


Why Garage Sale?

Lighten your load before moving to your new place through a garage sale. Many customers of interstate removals companies appreciate the idea of having a garage sale in order to downsize. The process makes it easier to sort out and pack valuables that should be taken to the new location. You can also dispose the stuffs you no longer need while making money out of it. Another alternative to garage sale is donating your stuffs to charity groups and shops. Most interstate removals experts suggest selling the stuffs first and any unsold items could be donated afterwards.


How to choose what to dispose?

The purging of your belongings and furniture starts with classifying the stuffs that you need and those that you can leave behind or put up on sale. Hiring interstate removals service offers the guidelines on how you can classify your stuffs for the downsizing activity. Try some of these tips for an easy and smooth selection of the items for the garage sale:

  • Give incentives to your kids to make them part with their old toys and stuffs.
  • Get your kids involved in the sale through making them do the advertising posters or sell lemonade and refreshments for the shoppers.
  • Interstate removals experts highly suggest to sort through your much larger items. Bulky objects that are no longer needed such as excess furniture, an old piano, and the likes are waste of space in the removals carrier.
  • When choosing the things to discard, dispose the ones that you have not used in over 6 months. This is a good rule of thumb to stick to, unless the item is of genuine sentimental value to you.


Enlist the Help of your Family and Friends

Downsizing to help in the interstate removals process is a no-brainer. You can have a garage sale and successfully get rid of your stuffs while getting the much needed cash. You can inform your neighbours, family, and friends regarding the upcoming sale. Having as much people during the yard sale gives you high chances of getting everything sold. Draw in a large group of potential yard sale buyers. You can also invite people through social media sites such as Facebook.


  1. Interstate Removals with Pets

One of the most challenging parts of moving interstate is when you have a household pet with you. You could never leave your beloved pets behind as they are a part of your family. The interstate removals company offers careful and effective pet transport services for a hassle-free relocation. Transporting and relocating your pet is not the same as moving your goods and furniture.

Here are some of the steps on how to properly and safely transport your pets to your new home:

  • Take your pet to the veterinarian for a thorough check up and for the health documents application.
  • Acquire a travel identification tag.
  • Check the entry regulations of the destination state.

Long distance pet transportation requires a complete pet travel kit according to interstate removals experts. For instance, provide the regular food supply of your pet, a can opener, water and food dishes, and blankets. Others to include in your pet travel kit are your pet’s favourite toy or two, mop-up towel, newspapers, and paper towels. You can also provide plastic bags and scoopers in order to clean up during the move.


Hiring a Pet Transportation Company

One of the most hassle-free ways to transport your pets is to hire a good interstate removals company. The process usually includes boarding, feeding, and transporting your pet from your former home to your new location. The interstate removalist facilitates the acquisition of the General Health Certificates, flea washes, vaccinations, State vet inspections, medications, and other requirements.

There are various choices of pet transportation company that offers interstate removals for your furry member of the family. Here are some of the questions you need to inquire about as basis of hiring the right service provider:

  • Does the interstate removals company offer boarding facilities?
  • Is the removalist a registered AFRA member or an accredited association?
  • Does the pet transportation company have air-conditioned vehicles for your pet with rear compartments and sound proof sides and floors?
  • Is the company premise clean and comfortable and could ensure a safe place for the temporary care of your pets?
  • Does the interstate removals company provide access to substantial food and fresh clean water?


  1. Consider the Climate in your New Home

There are specific types of climate in different parts of Australia. Whether you are moving to Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, and Adelaide, climates are huge challenges during relocation. Reputable interstate removals companies provide advice to their clients particularly in terms of substantial knowledge about the climate in their destination.

Take a look at the different climate zones in Australia, their descriptions, and the different states that have these particular climates during most times of the year:

  • Zone 1. This climate zone is more of a hot humid summer and warm winter. The states that have this type of climate zone include northern Australia including Exmouth in WA, MacKay in Queensland, and across and midway to areas between Townsville.
  • Zone 2. States with this climate zone experience mild winter and warm humid summer. According to interstate removals sources, the states that are categorised with Zone 2 climates include midway between Coastal Queensland and Townsville. Also includes MacKay south up to the areas below Coffs Harbour.
  • Zone 3. The states in this climate zone include Tennant Creek, Alice Springs, Charleville, the Queensland hinterland, and the northern central Australia that starts from Carnarvon. The type of climate experienced ranges from a hot dry summer to warm winter.
  • Zone 4. The temperature includes cool winters and hot dry summers. Consult with the interstate removals company in order to have a smooth transition to states with this climate zone. Southern central Australia, inland Victoria, inland SA, inland NSW, Warburton, Yalgoo, Coober Pedy, Mildura, Bourke, Broken Hill, and Tamworth have this type of climate.
  • Zone 5. The coastal strip of A, Perth, Ceduna, Adelaide, Eucla, and Bunbury are some of the states that experience warm temperature which is a typical zone 5 climate.
  • Zone 6. The climate zone in this category is described as mild temperate. You can hire the help of interstate removals to move in states such as Albany, Kangaroo Island, hinterland Victoria that encompasses Ballarat and Melbourne.
  • Zone 7. The sub-alpine areas of southern NSW and Victoria are included in this climate zone. Cool temperate is the typical description of this particular climate category.
  • Zone 8. This zone description is alpine which includes the areas of Tasmania, NSW, and the alpine areas of Victoria.


  1. Always Practise Proper Labelling

Reputable and established interstate removals companies usually offer comprehensive removalist solutions from the packing to the unloading in your new home. They can take charge of the packing which includes labelling your boxes. However, if you prefer to do the packing on your own, make sure you do proper labelling of items.

Trusted interstate removals companies offer practical and useful tips for the labelling system such as the following:


Label on the Top or Side of the Boxes

The movers will see the label easily when you placed it on the sides of the boxes. The top labels help the movers to know whatever is inside the boxes without even unpacking them. You can request for interstate removals services for industry grade boxes in order to ensure the security of your items at all times.


Colour Codes Work

One of the best ways to label the boxes and items is through colour coding. You do this to organise everything to the tee. There are those that would skip this method however it is a good way to know which box belongs to what room or have a particular item.


Use Permanent Markers

There are packing and labelling supplies that you could request from the interstate removals company. Permanent markers come in different bold colours that you could choose from. Permanent markers are necessary in order to ensure that the labels will not be washed off and could withstand everything during the moving process.


Label and Designate the Rooms

Share your new home’s floor plan with the interstate removals company. This way the movers could unload the boxes in the designated rooms. You can also write the names and descriptions or locations of the rooms in the new house. Tape the rooms’ names near the rooms in order to guide the moving team. Label the boxes and indicate in which rooms they should be placed and unpacked.


Label Details on the Boxes

There are specific details that you should put on the boxes for a smooth and effective interstate removals process. Put your name in big letters, the name of the room, and the box items. For the room names, make sure that you include which floor the room is located. For example, place PLAYROOM – FIRST FLOOR labels on the box. You can list down the items inside such as kids’ arts or kitchen glassware.

The top things to consider when planning, executing, and carrying out the interstate removals process are extremely helpful in ensuring a hassle-free relocation. Put substantial priority and emphasis on the moving considerations. Make a checklist and stick to it until the move is successfully completed.

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