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How to Choose Quality Interstate Removalist

Moving your house or business is downright stressful. Who would want to go through the overwhelming task of transferring all your stuffs from one place to another? Moving is not just a physical draining endeavour. It is also emotionally difficult, uprooting from your old life and plunging into a new beginning. Make your move less stressful than it already is with the help of professional interstate removalists. It doesn’t matter whether you are moving locally or to a different state. Hiring assistance of licensed and trained movers is the best decision you would ever make.


Types of Interstate Moves

There are 2 main types of interstate relocation. Check out the truths about moving in both residential and commercial settings and why you need an interstate removalist upfront:


  1. Residential Moves

Move some of your stuffs or an entire household. Interstate removalists offer residential removals for individuals and families. There are no big or small moving services for a reputable and trusted service provider. The flexible moving deals and packages you can find cater to all household sizes and your available budget. You can hire interstate removalist services if you are moving interstate from Sydney to Melbourne or Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, and other states in Australia.


  1. Commercial Moves

This is a more complex type of relocation. Moving your business or office is not a piece of cake. In fact, it is never a DIY project to begin with. There are numerous concerns you need to deal with when doing a commercial, corporate, or industrial move. This is where you need an interstate removalist the most. Imagine transferring everything to a new business space or workplace. You need to relocate huge furniture pieces, office supplies, equipment, sensitive files, and so much more. You can organise your team to pack, load, transport, and unload everything to a new location. However, it could have a significant impact on your productivity and could affect your sales and profits. Why go through the process when you can simply hire a professional interstate removalist for the job?


Where to Find Professional Movers in Australia

There are various sources that you can use in order to find and keep in touch with movers for local or interstate moves. In fact, it is easier to find today’s removalists than to choose which to hire among the service providers available. Online is where you can first do your search for an interstate removalist. The Internet is widely used since it is the most convenient and effectively fastest way to do your research.

Here are some of the top social networking sites that could help you find potential interstate movers from Sydney to any parts of Australia:

  • Google. Major search engines, particularly Google is a remarkable source of information when looking for an interstate removalist. You simply type in the keyword in the address bar and browse the Search Engine Results page for potential moving companies. It is a fast, easy, and effective way to look for the services you need in real time.
  • LinkedIn. This business-centred social network contains all the important profiles and backgrounds of businesses and service providers in different industries. A lot of verified and licensed companies, including interstate removalists, create their LinkedIn account. Potential clients could look for and compare one interstate removalist to another through checking their profiles and other salient data in the site.
  • Facebook. There are billions of Facebook users all around the globe. Thus, it is wise and practical to use the social network to promote your business. Many clients also use Facebook to look for products and services such as interstate removals solutions. Facebook pages are usually intended for businesses and online entrepreneurs for easy connection with their target market.
  • Twitter. You can use your Twitter account to look for an interstate removalist. There are trending topics or groups you can join in order to find the services you need. You can use hash tags and tweets to ask around for highly recommended removalist interstate solutions.
  • Online Forums. One of the best ways to find movers when moving interstate from Sydney to Canberra to Melbourne to Adelaide to other Australian states is through group discussions. There are Internet-based forums where particular topics, products, or services are being discussed. Join these online groups and ask for referral from actual or previous customers of an interstate removalist company. Word of mouth is after all still one of the best marketing strategies used, then and now.


How to Choose the Right Interstate Removalist

Sources are overflowing when looking for an interstate mover to help alleviate the pressures of relocation. The real and inevitable challenge lies in making the right choice particularly on what company to hire for the job. What are the best criteria to use as your guidelines in choosing the right removals company?

Here are some of the most helpful and useful tips to help you narrow down your choices and finally hire the right interstate removalist for your big move:


  1. The company must be AFRA accredited

Local and interstate movers are highly in demand. Household or business relocation needs professional and expert assistance from a licensed and certified interstate removalist. However, it is important to note that not all movers comply with industry standards, rules, and regulations. Anyone can open up a removals interstate company. Not everyone will get the mandated accreditation from the Australian Furniture Removals Association or AFRA.


Why choose an interstate removalist that is an AFRA member?

AFRA protects the standards and integrity of the removalist industry through the accreditation of its members. In order to become a bona fide member of this association, the interstate removal company should comply with and meet several standards including safety and training. Most importantly, the interstate removalist must be insured.

Here are some of the other reasons why an AFRA member is your best choice for an interstate removals project:

  • Customized Vehicles and Equipment. Movers are required to have the appropriate and heavy powered carriers and transporters. AFRA imposes its standards on quality as well as the appearance of trucks, trailers, and other vehicles for transportation. Moreover, there are also recommended standards for forklifts and moving equipment. An interstate removalist must also adhere to the standards of AFRA to its personnel training.
  • Dedication and Training. AFRA accredits moving companies that comply with their requirements for training and continuous programs for skill updates. The association subjects members to rigorous and comprehensive audit process. Member interstate removalist companies also have access to training systems in order to ensure safe work practices and standards of service. AFRA has its own visual training aids, training manuals, Internet-based training, and other materials. These are highly recognised for the promotion of workplace safety and health.
  • AFRA-Approved Storage Facilities. All members of AFRA must adhere to the standard criteria of the association as regards to storage facilities. An interstate removalist company also offers storage units on top of removals and transits. There are air-conditioned units with round the clock security system, computerised storage solution, and flexible unit sizes.
  • Top Quality Removals Services. With high quality equipment, vehicle, personnel, and storage system, it is not surprising that interstate removalist companies offer top notch removals solutions. This is one of the perks of hiring an AFRA-accredited mover for your moving project.
  • Industry Standard Business Premise. You would know that the company offers reputable moving solutions based on their workplace or business premise. It is easy to call an interstate removalist through the phone or send an email for inquiries and other concerns. However, you can also visit their brick and mortar office if you have the time. AFRA makes sure that their members are regularly inspected particularly their depot and business premise.
  • Benefits of Associate Membership. AFRA members enjoy a wide network of associate member services. Customers could access this service for their interstate move. Associate Members offer software, container, high lift, packing supplies, and balcony moving solutions. There are also other interstate removalist services such as vehicle transport, tyres, trucks, unpacking services, pet transport, and many others.


  1. What are your moving needs and references?

There are several questions you need to consider when choosing an interstate removalist. These concerns are in relation to your moving needs and references such as:

  • Is a secure place or storage facility one of your top need in order to place your belongings for safekeeping during the move?
  • Do you prefer a complete moving solution that includes planning, packing, and unpacking?
  • Are there valuable items to be moved that should be under an insurance coverage?
  • Is working with a specific time frame your top priority?

The factors are important to take into consideration before hunting for and hiring a removal company. What is the interstate removalist that fits the bill? There are reputable and trusted removals specialists that provide the variables for a hassle-free and quality move. For instance, they offer insurance, secure and quality storage, and provide comprehensive services. Hire a company that assist you from the planning of the move,  packing your stuffs, loading, transporting, and unpacking them at their designated rooms.  The best interstate removalist gives you the moving assistance that you deserve no less.


  1. Hire an insured removals company – nothing less!

According to the Australian law, it is not compulsory for removal companies to carry insurance. However, AFRA members are required to comply with the need for public liability insurance. This is part of their membership qualification as an accredited interstate removalist. Other insurance coverage of certified AFRA members includes motor vehicle and third party property insurance. Collision, Fire, Flood, and Overturning insurance are also covered for the protection of the removals company. All these insurances, however, do not cover the goods against damage due to accident while in transit.


Do you need to have your stuffs insured?

Your belongings are basically covered through a Home and Contents Policy. However, when it comes to moving your stuffs, the insurance policy may not necessarily protect and cover your goods while in transit. Thus, even if the interstate removalist is insured, you must also have your belongings covered with an insurance policy. Moving your goods basically means putting them at a much greater risk of damage or loss.

Transit insurance is one of the coverage that your interstate removalist company offers. It is also one of the most economical ways to have your belongings protected during the transit. There are numerous reasons why you need to have your goods insured on top of the insurance coverage from the removals company. For instance, insure your belongings if they are valuable, fragile, or are high risk for damages when being transported. Sensitive files and documents must also be insured in case they get lost along the process.


When do you need coverage?

There are different kinds of removals insurance coverage that you need to highly consider whether for residential or commercial moves:


In Transit

This type of coverage insures household goods as the interstate removalist company works to pack and move the items. The storage that is necessary in the course of the relocation is likewise covered.


In Storage

Another type of coverage is to protect the goods when the removals company stores your belongings. This could be an extension of the insurance in transit which you choose in order to protect your goods while being moved to the new location. Your stuffs are covered during the entire storage period which the interstate removalist could provide. Take note that the coverage would also demand a different premium. In case you don’t want to extend the insurance in storage, all protection and coverage cease as your goods are being unloaded into the warehouse.


Important Tips before Getting Insured

If you prefer to have your goods fully insured, other than the insurance provided by the interstate removalist, you can ask the company to make the arrangement. You can invest on an insurance that covers household or commercial goods that are transported from one state to another. This would also include coverage on any periods of storage.

Check out the most practical pointers in getting an insurance policy during the relocation phase:

  • Ask the AFRA-approved interstate removalist to arrange the insurance for you. You can also check with your current insurance company. Check if the coverage you have is already inclusive of the properties in transit and in storage or not.
  • Review the Financial Services Guide & Product Disclosure Statement. Ask the interstate removalist company regarding limitations and exclusions on the policy. This is to ensure that you have obtained the coverage you prefer and need. The guideline will also tell you if there are any excesses and how much excess do you have in ca you need to make a claim.


  1. Pick an interstate removalist with networks of partners

Moving from one state to another requires a wide network of removals partners for a smooth and secure move. Partner companies basically help the interstate removalist to facilitate the entire relocation process and have it completed within your required time frame. This is exactly why an AFRA member company is a wise and good pick. The Australian Furniture Removals Association is an organisation that accredits removalist companies. They need to comply with industry standards and regulations in order to maintain their membership. Members coordinate with fellow AFRA-approved companies especially for interstate removals.

Inquire how the company could offer the relocation either for residential or commercial settings. The interstate removalist should deliver quality moving solutions, providing the details of your move from the packing to the unloading to your new place. Other variables that they must provide include the transportation of your belongings and the partners that will be coordinating with them during the move. Check the proof of AFRA accreditation in order to ensure the company’s integrity.


  1. The removals company must answer FAQs with flying colours

There are essential questions that you need answered regarding your move from Sydney to Brisbane to any other parts of Australia. An interstate removalist company is open to consultation and responds to the inquiries of their potential clients. You only need to ask the right questions in order to determine if the company is worth your time and money or not.


These are the FAQs about interstate moving of households or businesses:

  • What advice and recommendation can you give in preparation for the move?
  • Do you have any official recognition or accreditation to back up your company’s reputation?
  • How will the interstate removalist pack and unpack your goods?
  • What are the communication systems that are being used in order to monitor the whereabouts of your goods?
  • What are the moving systems used so that your stuffs can arrive to their destination safe and sound?
  • Do you have any storage facilities? As a reliable interstate removalist, how secure is your storage or warehouse facility?
  • Can you show proof of insurance and what coverage does your policy include?
  • Do you provide written quotation and free inspection?
  • Can you provide any testimonials or reference from their previous customers?

Transform your stress and pressure in moving to an easy and hassle-free relocation. The right interstate removalist company offers comprehensive removals solutions from packing to unpacking at your new place. Choose the right removals interstate service provider and enjoy your move!