7 Questions To Ask When Choosing The Right Interstate Removalists For Your Company

There are many reasons why a company may need to move premises, both locally or interstate. Whether you are moving for logistic reasons, company expansion, or moving to more suitable businesses, the “why you need to move ” your company isn’t the main issue during the moving process. 

Commercial interstate removals can be a logistical nightmare if you aren’t prepared, and you need expert interstate removalists to assist you in packing up your commercial business to relocate. Planning for a move of this size needs to start around 6 months prior to the moving date to allow your company to prepare for relocation and to allow you time to work alongside commercial removalists to help your interstate move go as planned.

Having a professional system to help your staff and, of course, yourself manage the move alongside a corporate interstate removalist can make the whole move as seamless as possible.

If you need to book experienced commercial interstate movers, you should consider some important factors before making your final decision.

Are The Professional Interstate Movers Correctly Insured?

Before you book a win with any interstate removalists, you need to verify the removal company you are choosing is correctly insured and licensed and affiliated with AFRA (Australian Furniture Removers Association). Anyone can set up as an experienced interstate moving company online. All they need is contact details, a website and vehicles to facilitate the move. However, not all of these companies are working legitimately and have the correct licenses to provide an expert and professional move done correctly and with care.

AFRA-affiliated movers are known for adhering to best practises guidelines and staying up to date on industry news and changes. A properly insured company also demonstrates expertise in covering both themselves and their customers during the move. Always ask your interstate movers what types of licenses and insurance they have to put your mind at ease and take out an additional personal insurance cover to protect your belongings further during the moving process as many interstate movers will have a basic cover as standard. Still, a tailored insurance cover will give you extra peace of mind.

Are Your Professional Interstate Removals Company Experienced?

Moving office Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FFE) requires dexterity and careful planning to protect your valuable business assets. While it may seem obvious to hire a seasoned commercial moving company, it is critical to have a stress-free experience from start to finish. Please inquire with your business movers about the number of successful business relocations they have completed.

Enquire how long the interstate removals company has been in business and what type of experience they have in moves of a similar size to the project you are booking them for. If you have something important that the moving company is moving, such as office appliances or gadgets, ask the removalists if they have experience moving that type of item.

The movers should be prepared for any difficult situation and should be given instructions on dealing with potentially difficult obstacles. Ensure to inform the commercial moving company about any parking restrictions, stairs, elevator availability, narrow doorways, and so on.

Do Your Interstate Removalists Have Good Reviews?

An expert removal company for commercial interstate moves will have a record of their previous service and provide references upon request. Additionally, any positive feedback could already be shared across their social media accounts and website. Check out reviews online for previous interstate commercial moves to feel for the type of experience other companies have had using this service.

You can also ask around your peers or clients for advice on the interstate moving company they recommend if they have previously undertaken a move of this size. This can give you a more rounded idea of what this service should entail and what you can expect once you put the moving process into action.

Do They Offer Project Management Services For Your Move?

A commercial relocation of any size requires intricately detailed plans to be put into place a month before the physical interstate moving day. It can be tricky to do this yourself while running your business, meaning you will need help from a third party to project manage the move. An expert office moving company will have project management personnel whose sole job is to create and carry out a relocation plan for your move tailored to your needs.

The job of a project manager in this capacity includes;

  •  Physically inspecting your inventory at your current workplace,
  • Determining the dimensions, quantities, and special requirements for your FFE
  • Comprehending the floor plan for your next location.
  • Once this is completed, a quote and timetable can be created.

Are Interstate Storage Options Available For Your Interstate Removalists?

Business relocation is not always as simple as simply moving everything from one location to another. Your circumstances at the new facility may necessitate storing some items for a short or long period of time while you get your bearings. In Australia, some professional business relocation companies have their own storage facilities (warehouse, self-storage, or container storage options) in many major cities across the country. This can be advantageous for businesses that require flexibility during the transition. 

If your move requires storage options or needs to be carried out over a longer period of time than one day, always ask what the options are for storage during interstate removals. Check if you will be allowed access if required and what limitations on duration and space are included. Hence, you know how to effectively prepare the right furniture and equipment for storage during your commercial interstate move.

Are Your Commercial Interstate Removal Experts Experienced in Your Area of Business?

An experienced removal company may have moved of similar size under their belt and be able to offer you a smooth, seamless interstate move. However, it is vital to check that they are experienced in your area of business.

For example, art galleries will need to look at how to safely move artwork, sculptures, and precious items as they move interstate to ensure nothing is damaged during the move. This type of move will require a different level of service to, say, an office that needs to ensure that all office furniture, electronic equipment and storage are secured and ready to be established in a new location.

Each business will have unique qualities that need to be carefully considered. While many interstate removalists will have expertise and confidence in their service, you all need to ensure they are aware of how best to approach your removalist services in a way that is beneficial to both your company and your inventory.

Always be clear with exactly what you need and what you expect and inquire about what additional services they can offer for your industry-specific commercial interstate move.

What Additional Services Can They Offer?

When you move and give notice on your current lease, chances are there will be stipulations upon acting on the premises. An interstate removalist expert will understand that other factors are included in this type of move and will be aware of what needs to happen once the building is empty.

An amateur moving company may help you load up and transport your inventory; however, they will not pay due care and attention to the building they are leaving empty and how they leave it once they are finished. Professionals in this area will understand that you will need to leave it in a good state of repairs when you vacate your premises and will remove all rubbish.

Ask your interstate removalists about the disposal of excess items, end of tenancy clean and repairs before your move. If this isn’t a service that they personally offer, they will most likely have a professional end of the commercial tenancy company they work with who they can coordinate to undertake this task once your removalists have finished the move.

Getting An Interstate Removal Quote

Once your office has narrowed the options down to a few commercial packers and movers, contact them and request a price estimate. A commercial moving company should, ideally, come to your office before providing an estimate. Price estimates are typically provided by packers and movers based on the number of items to be transported. When you have received quotes from the companies you have chosen, compare the estimates and choose the one that best meets your needs and budget.

Using the questions and points detailed in this post, you can make sure that you get a more accurate quote from an expert removalist company before deciding on the best interstate movers for your company. It is important to know upfront exactly what type of service commercial interstate movers offer and what type of support both you and your staff can expect before, during and after your move. 

If you want to find out more about what type of services you can expect and how much a trusted removalist service can benefit your company contact Interstate Removalists Sydney today. We have many years of experience in house removals, office removals, and interstate removals. We can provide you with expert, reliable service for any size move and storage options.